What free web hosting service are you using?

Last year I used 000webhost.com, but this year it seems a little flaky, especially with passwords.

Has anyone used a similar service? I especially like the file/directory structure of 000webhost. It is familiar to students.

Thanks for your help.


I found the same problem - I had used Editey which was a Google Drive add-on that stopped working right about the time students were to be working on their final projects. I found this video after some search and tried it out - and it works! I know it’s a lot of setup to get the students so I’m going to make a form that they will submit that shared folder through it, then create my own link to grade their work. Hope that helps!


X10 hosting has been pretty good for us

Mary and Mark -

I’ve also switched over to Thimble by Mozilla - it’s been great for students. I’ve also personally used CodePen which is very similar. I’ve tried both because my district has strange filters that block CodePen when you are publishing.


Robyn Hilton and I are using this:


It’s free and we don’t have to have the networking people set anything up for us.

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I used mozilla thimble over the summer in a coding camp. I haven’t used much else to compare to but I thought it worked well.


Have your students had success with mozilla thimble? I’d love to hear about some projects your students have worked on.

This is my first year teaching comp sci at my school. Up until now I taught math and special ed. I taught summer camps prior to this. We just started the web design unit this week so I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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Just wanted to loop back - if your district/school has the money, might want to invest in a Pro account with CodePen - it has some VERY cool features which you can share your code directly to students and they can modify on the fly. Just got a chance to see it this weekend.


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I actually remembered to come back after we finished some units. :slight_smile:

This is a site with a bunch of the websites, projects, games, etc. my class has made so far.


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Thanks for sharing your site with student work. It is always fun to see what students are creating.