Pacing Question 20-21 Curriculumn

My school doesn’t start until September 16, 2020 and end by June 20, 2020… So when you say that Unit 5 should be done by first semester. What month are you speaking of so that I plan out the curriculum correctly?

When I taught the pilot last year, I began the week before labor day and completed unit 5 (including the hackathon) the week before winter break. Give or take holidays and other events in the school year, that was about 14-15 weeks.

To find the official weekly pacing, you can look in the Curriculum Guide on page 3. Based on this guide, ‘on pace’ would be completing unit 5 your 15th week of school.

Thank for sharing that information. I was estimating that it should be done before or after Winter break. Thank you for the clarification.