Posting limited work

Not only am I new to teaching code, the class had limited exposure due to many circumstances. As a result we have jumped around in CSD Unit 2 . I have created a some requirements for a final first website. . I do not want them to be published on line. We have only worked parts of chapters 1 and 2.
Can you suggest a lesson part/segment for students to post their submissions so I can see their work to create web page with minimal requirements I mandated?.
I was thinking of telling them to post their proposed web pages in chapter 2. lesson 10 segment 13 or 14

The content and formatting of the student-created site stays the same across the different lessons and levels. Students simply continue building across the lessons. I would suggest using the lesson 13 or 14 depending on how far students got in the lessons. The last couple of levels are usually just the student’s site. If you go to that lesson & level then use the teacher window (little blue arrow on the right side) to click through students’ sites. I hope this is what you were looking for. Let me know if I can clarify further for you.

Thank you so much for your speedy assistance and clarity.