Previous Courses completed

I have a student that was assigned previous courses but we do not know what courses were assigned. This was part of the gifted and talented program. Is there a way that the student’s current teacher can see what that student has already completed in

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If the student is using the same login, I believe if you assign the same version of the same course, it will show up as completed. For courses that are updated, if you assign a different version, for example 21-22 and they completed the work last year in the 20-21 version, it will not show up in the current version. There are some courses/lessons that a dark green bubble only means they clicked on finished and doesn’t necessarily mean the level was completed. You would need to look at the student’s work to see if it was completed.

I don’t think there is a way to look at the student account to see everything they have completed.

To gather that information in my class, I would ask students to show me their account and what they had completed.