Problem Checking Student Work

Anyone else having this problem (or know what I’m doing wrong)?

Typically I click on a lesson activity (“puzzle”) from the progress view where you can see all of your students’ progress. Then I can quickly navigate through an individual student’s work with the navigation buttons at the top of the screen (the ones that turn green after they click “Finish”).

As of last night, as soon as I try to click the next activity, it loses track of which student I was working on and I have to select the section again (which causes the whole page to reload), and then I have to find the student on the list and select him/her (which causes the whole page to reload again), and then finally I can see their activity.

It triples the number of page loads and clicks and my time grading work has increased exponentially. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something obviously wrong?

Same problem with three different browsers on an Apple MacBook Pro (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

The navigation links are currently taking me here:

They are missing the information for the particular student I was looking at:

When I copy the student info, I can paste it to the end of the URL that the navigation link takes me to, and then I get to the student’s work. That at least saves me one page load in the process. Did navigation links get adjusted somehow last night?

You might want to put that in a bug report. It sounds like a pretty dramatic shift from what you’re used to.

Thanks - I put in a ticket with support after I posted this question. It sure does seem like a bug!