Simulators and Widgets

I am new to APCSP and planning to follow the lessons. I am creating slides to leverage in class and trying to embed links to share with students for the internet simulator and some of the widgets. Is there a page I can grab or download so that we can work offline if necessary?

For example, in unit 1 lesson 4 the Binary Odometer is referenced. It opens fine from the lesson plan on, but if I paste that link into powerpoint it takes me to my dashboard.

I see several comments that suggest there may be a way to download for offline work but haven’t been able to find a specific location.
thanks for the help, Jim

Hi @jreilly2016,

As far as I know, all tools/widgets require an active internet connection. I’ll check with staff and report back if that is not the case.



I appreciate your looking at options. Could you see if an offline version is not available is there a way to create link to share with students to directly access the specific internet simulator versions assuming they have logged in to I have gotten access from my teacher acct but struggle how to give students a direct link to the tool.



Hi Jim,

These might be the direct links you were looking for:

All the internet simulator widgets are near the bottom, listed once you click the orange “Try standalone tool” button.

Hope that helps!


the info on that page is helpful; however the links to lesson plans or to the tools themselves all come up with the message below:

The requested page was not found
Check the web address and resubmit or choose a link from the list below.

Tutorials for students
Educator resources
Ways to promote computer science education
How to help
Information about and its mission’s blog

Is that possibly under construction and will be available later?

Hi @jreilly2016,

That’s odd - some of the lesson plan links behaved for me as you described, but every orange “Try standalone tool” button led me to the tools.

Perhaps there was something weird with the website at the time? Can you try clicking the orange buttons again and let me know what happens? Meanwhile, I’ll put in a request for the lesson plan links to be updated.


The orange buttons take me to the class progress screen now and I can select the circle associated with each internet simulator to pull up the intro and then enter the tool.

The individual lesson plan links at the bottom still give me the Page Not Found message.

Hey folks,

Just making sure you know eyes are on this. When we versioned the course some of the URLs changed, in particular for the lesson plans, hence the broken links. Thanks for letting us know!


Circling back one more time. This should be getting updated by sometime early next week (and possibly as soon as this evening). Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

I see GT has updated the lesson plan links today. Thanks!