Standards Mapping by State

First year teacher here, facing my first formal evaluations soon. It’s a lot to digest, and needing every good shortcut I can get my hands on, I’m a little perplexed at not finding something I thought would surely exist.

We all have state standards, right? And those are what we tend to be evaluated on rather than national standards? Yet resources like will use national standards. Or are many states doing otherwise than mine? Going with the presumption that I’m in the norm, I would think there would exist excel-like documents that map between the two kinds. Wouldn’t that be useful to everyone using in the state but only need to be accomplished once and then shared? Wouldn’t states have an interest in someone official making those mappings? Or are we all doing this task piecemeal as we need to based on our own opinions?

Just to follow up, most of my confusion stemmed from working off the wrong state standards. I had been given general CS standards which were oddly very specific, and I should have been working off state standards for Discovering CS, which are far more broad than the ones I was working with. It’s much easier to show alignment in my discovering coursework now that I’m working off the right doc.