Suggestions for a shorter instructional time

I would like to ask if there is anyone that has had to teach this class in less than the recommended time if they have some suggestions for items that could be skipped or shortened without putting the students at too much of a disadvantage for the test. (I know that the Performance task time cannot be touched)

We were supposed to start our year on Monday but last week on August 10th our City (Cedar Rapids, IA) was badly damaged in a Derecho storm and we currently have no date for starting the school year. Unfortunately, we had been setting up for hybrid instruction but all three High Schools in the district suffered major damage and it will be months before we can have students or staff in the buildings. It is obvious that we will be doing online learning but a good part of the city still has no power or internet and many families are displaced (as of the weekend 1000+ houses were declared unlivable) so even online instruction is not an option yet. Most of us are estimating that we might be able to start around mid to late September, but that puts a lot of AP students at a big disadvantage because even if the end of the school year is moved back, the AP exams will not. I have done before, but with all the changes and expecting to have almost a month less of instructional time than usual, I am very concerned.

I would appreciate any advice possible


Sorry to hear about the damage. I hope you and your family are safe.

I am teaching online, but our instruction time is reduced by about 40%. I am doing multiple lessons in a day and skipping a lot of activities and doing small group activities as whole class activities.