Summary Statistics Needed by (Chapter 1 Test Results)

Hey CSP Curriculum Team

One of my 3 sections took the Chapter 1 Test today.

I had no problem accessing the students overall grades but when I downloaded the “other” spreadsheet breaking the test down by individual responses, I was looking for an easy way to access summary statistics by question. I already have a “work-around” to summarize with a bar graph for each question but as you can imagine, it’s a copy paste, click click click click work around. Call me high maintenance. Sorry.

Are there are plans to summarize class results by question?
A simple bar graph by question would be perfect.


I’m pretty savvy with spreadsheets but I couldn’t wrap my head around a quick solution to summarize by question based upon how the spreadsheet was laid out. Thoughts?

I am willing to root for the Bears if Baker has a quick solution between diaper changes. HA

Thanks in advance

Is this what you are want to do in excel? I made this using Pivot Tables in Excel

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That would be great. How did you do that? Thanks so much

This is what I did on the Mac . Refer to the picture I attached in my reply above.

  1. Select all the cells in the table
  2. From the Data menu select Pivot table. It will ask you where you want to create the Pivot table. Select your destination
  3. A black window shows up to select the rows and columns to be included in the table summary. My picture above shows the black window and the selections I had made.
  4. Under Field name, select Question and Correctness
  5. In Column Labels drag in Correctness
  6. In Row Labels drag in Question
  7. In the Values box you will need to drag Correctness, if it is not already in there. If it is already there you can click on the ? and change it to count Correctness.
  8. The Pivot table is live, you will need to make a copy of its values into a new sheet.
  9. Select the columns you want included in a bar chart and plot.

You’re the best. Your instructions were easy.

I even took it a step further and graphed the A,B,C,D breakdown by question.

Hopefully you can see the photo I took.

Thanks so much!