Teacher answer key?


Is there an answer key for all of the levels for teachers?


I am looking for a PDF file that explains each programming step in the Hour of Code tutorials. Is there one. Thanks


I will ask and get back to you.


Hi: I may have found my own answer.
When I logged in as a “teacher” and went to Teacher Notes site and that’s where I found the Answer Sheet and Teacher Tips PDF document.

Still would like a document describing each coding block. That way if a student asks we can have a quick answer.

Thanks. Dan


I took the Answer Sheet and Teacher tips for the Minecraft Designer tutorial and added some of my own comments. Hope it helps other trainers as well.
Dan Minecraft Designer-Answers-comments from Dan 01_22_17.pdf (259.5 KB)


Two tutorial Answer sheets are attached for your use. I created them because I could not find any others.
Minecraft Adventurer and Artist.

Hope you find them helpful.

Minecraft Adventurer Answer Sheet.pdf (787.0 KB)
Artist Answer Sheet.pdf (856.2 KB)


Thanks for those, hubingdan! I’m planning to use MC puzzles and these answer sheets are really helpful!


Here’s a Flappy Bird tutorial solution. (If you need it in PDF format, leave me a message here. :slight_smile:

Dan Flappy Game - Solution.docx (731.5 KB)