Teaching Computer Science: Your Plans

In your dashboard did you set up a section for each class you see, or did you create 1 section per grade level?

  • What are your goals for your classroom? How will CS or code.org resources help you meet those goals?
    My goal is to show my students how to use coding, and why it is important to them in life. I think this will be a great program to use with my students, it will just be a matter of finding the time initially to get them into the program and show them how things work that they will be able to do things at an independent/partner level.
  • What are you most excited about when it comes to implementing some of these resources? I am excited for my students to learn something that relates to all the video games that they play. I am also excited for them to see that coding is used for things other than games as well.
  • What challenges do you forsee in trying to meet your goals? Time is going to be the biggest issue. I would like to use the program with my math classes and with only having a 75 minute block to do direct instruct and two centers, it is going to be a challenge to accomplish everything that I need/want to do.
  • What questions do you have that this community might help you answer? When do you find time to fit this program into your curriculum? Does your school do it school wide?

I am thinking initially I am going to set up my students to work on Code.org as their independent work time and then go from there. I LOVE that everything is easy to follow and I can mix in the unplugged lessons on the days and classes that I am whole group teaching.

  • My goals for teaching CS through coding.org are to follow the curriculum they outlined this year and then over the following years as my students become familiar with it modify. I am most excited to introduce CS to my students because they have never done any coding like this in school. I think they will enjoy it and the skills they learn will carry over to other subjects.