U1 Day 10: PD Discussion Topic


I am looking forward to seeing how the students react to the room activity with different forms of data given to different groups. Then having them think about data and how it is used in their personal life.


I think the students are really going to love the activity. When they get to see the picture and the lists and kind of have the lesson come together I think they will get the big picture and better understand what Data is all about.


I loved the idea of taking raw data and representing it in a way that does show the connections and tells a story that is easily understood. See it and hearing it is so much more comprehensive then a set of numbers. I think that I would let the kids come up with some creative ways to tell the data story and letting them present it to the group as a whole.


I love data. I like it in all kinds of forms–because it helps me answer questions. I think my students need to see how data can help them answer questions too. Its great for students to see how different displays of data are appropriate for different situations. I hope they will come away with a more judgemental eye to look for the data that wasn’t displayed to see if that might be creating a biased piece of information (USA Today, I’m looking at you…all your charts show some data, but rarely include the whole story).


I liked the activity with one group having the picture, one the word list, and one the word cloud—I will definitely use it in my classroom. I think the students will be surprised on how data can be represented in so many ways.


How data can be used to influence people, good and bad. Hopefully that will be an aha moment for some of my students.



This is a great idea, do you teach math? I’ve partnered with the stats teacher to show how data can also be manipulated for the users cause (might be some of that going on right now in our elections!). I’ve also found visual data really powerful to show before spreadsheets. A favorite site is Tweetping which shows real time data of every tweet going out. A lot of data and information can be visually seen and it starts some really good conservations.



In this lesson students are forced to look at data from a different perspective which will change the way they consider their own personal data in their future interactions.


@wanda_jones I too hope that looking at the data will help students think about their future interactions. I try to bring in current events that talk about data being used in beneficial and non - beneficial ways, hoping students will see how it can affect their lives.


I am looking forward to the picture/list exercise that was illustrated in this module as well as during our ECS in-person training. I love what this reveals as to how we receive and process data presented in different ways.