U3L4 - Students unable to import screens

They are unable to share/import app screens when directed. The URL is valid, but they receive a message: "We can’t seem to find this project. Please make sure you’ve entered a valid App Lab project URL. I can visit the URL directly, and can verify that it is there.

So… any workarounds? These students are full remote and well-beyond frustrated - to the point where they are starting to lose interest, especially with group work.

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Have you tried getting them to publish their project first? When you click Share there is a button labeled Publish.

I will try that! Thank you!!!

I’m being told that their Submit button is grayed out, so that is not possible.

I am not sure about a submit button. What I see is this

Then I click Share

And I have a Publish button.

Sorry. That was a typo on my part. The Publish button is grayed out.

Another thing to check is that “Enable Pair Programming” is set to Yes for the section. I don’t think the students can share their work if that is not enabled. You can find that on your dashboard if you click on the gear in the sections list. Choose Edit Section Details.

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