U4 Day 5-6: Lesson Resources

U4 Day 5-6: Lesson Resources

Here are some great resources I’ve found from other teachers and some I’ve made myself for U4 Day 5-6:

Baseball Activity Rubric - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JM9oEAlLQs2JAZFgrDJeW-Cwf7sb4aMVjZUBfxtrmeA/edit?usp=sharing

Baseball Activity Sample website link - http://www.missblomeyer.com/docs/expcs/baseball.sb2.swf

I chose to do Unit 4 Instructional Days 5-6 Moving Sprites/could be tweaked and used for a final project.
The students really enjoyed this activity because it was something that they created and were allowed to play. Even my lower learners enjoyed this activity because I allowed them to pair up with another student or they could Google code from a Scratch project (already made) Extension Activity–Scratch.docx (653.0 KB)
and use it as a starting point.
Advice for teachers
Plan, Plan, Plan! This is another lesson that should be planned ahead of time. For students who struggle, I would pair them up with a stronger student to make this activity enjoyable.


Thanks for the suggestion to look ahead and plan out this activity. I agree that there are some tricky commands that the students need to add to their code to make the cat run naturally around the bases. I think it is helpful to have a protractor or some kind of angle visual on the board or wall for the students to refer to when they are trying to figure out how to move the cat.

Second tip, if students haven’t figured out how to start the cat from the same spot each time the green flag is clicked (bonus prompt from the name activity - go to block x,y) maybe suggest that as a hint for struggling students so they can at least start with the cat in the right place each time.

Thank you!!! You gave me two good tips! The next time I teach this class, I am going to definitely put some type of angle on the board.