Unit 3 Lesson 6.5 No Quadrant labels?

In CS Discoveries Unit 3 Lesson 6.5, the activity asks for a prediction of location when run. However, there are no labels on the Grid or Quadrant that I can see? I tell label the quadrants for students, but I think the activity should be more clear.

I understand what you are saying. Have you tried it in class yet? I haven’t had students struggle with it because they can turn on the grid and the 4 options are upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right, so it’s not trying to trick them. It has been my experience that after 5 lessons leading up to this, the students usually can recognize that an x value of 300 will be on the right side.

That being said, if your students do struggle, you can always email support@code.org and make a suggestion to them that they improve the instructions.

Best wishes!


For this one I feel like it’s checking whether they’re familiar with the coordinate system being used. Unit 3 lessons 3, 4, and 5 all utilize the grid, so by 6, they should be able to predict the relative location of an object by its x and y coordinates.

I would recommend this level as a good opportunity for formative assessment, as it’ll show you which kids get it and which still need some support.

–Michael K.