Unit 3 lessons 3 & 4

Is the intention that partners make one app together or that each person makes their own version of the same app? Is there a way to link partners at this level so they can each make a different screen on the same project. Most of my students are in person and some zoom in each day, so I’m trying to wrap my brain around keeping this a collaborative work while building the screens and then coding.

EDIT: I see in the lesson plan that they can split up the work and share their screens but I don’t know how to do this. Can I get a tutorial?

EDIT 2: OK, so they can import each others screens - I remember that from last year. How about sharing code in the later lessons?


They would need to copy and paste their code on a Google doc to share it. I don’t think it is possible to share a project on Code Studio.

How do students import screens from one another?

They need to share their share link (top left of screen). Then they can use the dropdown for screens and choose import. I have a made a google doc for partners to share links and code.

Do you mean an instruction doc? Would you mind sharing this? I remember last year there was a ‘pair programming mode’ so I didn’t expect this speed bump. Thank you. (It seems the PP mode is there, so I hope they can just work on the same file once they get to coding.)

Here is the google doc I made for this project:

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Thank you for sharing your doc!

In case it’s helpful, I have answered this question in another post in more detail!