Unit 4 Lesson 12 Teacher Workspace View?



In CSD Unit 4 Lesson 12, I want to view the workspaces for my students’ screen digital designs. I want to verify they have appropriate naming conventions for their screen elements (they included the namespace, etc.). I don’t see a way to view their element details. Where the Workspace should be is just an empty “View Only” box. Any ideas?



This sounds like a bug - I would submit a bug report using the “hamburger” menu in the top right hand side of the screen.



I noticed this too. Let me know if you get a response.



Following up on this - you could also use this as an opportunity to teach the students how to take a screenshot (Cmmd+Shift+4 on a Mac, use the Snip tool on PC) and submit that. I use Google Classroom and they have learned how to submit screenshots to show their work for the day and it’s been helpful for a quick overview.



Keri, I noticed that when I hover over the student’s elements, like a button, it shows the ID and the xy coordinates. So I can check their naming conventions.