Unit 6 Paired Programming Assessment Process

I am about to start the Physical Computing with two students sharing an Adafruit circuit board. Due to the number of boards I have, the students will have to pair program all of the levels except the assessment level. Since this is my first time doing paired programming, I have no idea how that works for assessment purposes. Do the students sign out and then sign back in to do their own assessment level? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you


That would be one option. Personally, I would let them work together for assessment if they had been working together for the rest of the unit. This would allow them to be assessed the same way they practiced.

Of course, you would want to make sure that both could explain what they did and one of them didn’t just do all the work, so that would require some observation or questioning to make sure both understood the code.

Hopefully some others will chime in with suggestions!


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