Unplugged Assignments for Home Instruction- 10 weeks


I just found out I need to provide a student with an equivalent of 10 weeks of work for him to do at home while he is on medical leave from school. All of the work must be unplugged because the family is claiming they do not have a computer. As a class, we are in Unit 6 but the work can come from any topic we have covered this year.

I have used some of the CS Unplugged materials in the past the activities do not work great for independent work and I have already used most of the Unplugged activities in the curriculum.

Current Events are one option but need more of a variety.

All ideas are appreciated. Thanks.


Wow! This is a tough situation. One idea I have is to use the “Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty …” book. Here is the URL for the free download: Blown to Bits http://www.bitsbook.com.

Not sure if this would be at too high of a lexile level for your student but it is packed full of great information.



I had a similar situation and I used a website with unplugged lessons in a PDF format. It helped my student a lot and his parents were happy too!