View Code button

I don’t like that everyone is viewing my code on my projects. Can I turn off the “view code” button?

You can’t. You cannot stop people from remixing your game. You cannot stop them from viewing your code. However:

  1. You can obfuscate your code.
  2. You can stop people from remixing it by using getKeyValue to detect remixes and force the game to not work.

Only do this if you deem your code valuable. Otherwise there is no point in doing this.

I don’t believe you can turn that off once you decide to share your code. If you don’t share it, you can keep your projects hidden, but once you share, that button is always available. I don’t want to speak for, but I’m guessing this is mostly because this environment is a training environment for novice coders (13-18 years old being the main target audience) and being able to look at other code is a good way for them to learn and add features to their own code. It’s also a good way for them to share and get help on their own code.

Best wishes!