Virtual Synchronous Once a Week Idea

Context: my school (in northern VT) is starting hybrid with half the students coming M+T (~90 min per meeting) and the other half Th+F. The interesting twist is that we have virtual class meetings with ALL the students on Wednesdays for about 45 minutes. I have 9 weeks for my coding class and am going to do an abbreviated Problem Solving unit and then dive into Interactive Animations and Games.

My thought for Wednesdays, since the students will be at different places in the curriculum, is to do an adapted version of the Design Unit (#4). If it seems any good, I’ll share what I come up with.

Good luck to all!


Let us know how it goes!


I am in the same boat in West Bridgewater MA. Feeling like I can’t get out of my own way to plan.
I think I am going to do the Problem solving unit with both 7th and 8th grade classes, then in 7th move on to Web Design and in 8th do the game design unit.


That could work as well. There are alternate problem solving lessons so if you had repeat students next year, you could even do different problem solving activities from year to year.

Hope all goes well!


Same boat here in Shrewsbury, MA. How did it go?

We’ve just had one Wednesday session so far. Since it was the first time I had all of my students at the same time, we most did stuff to build community and develop relationships. I just barely broached the subject of Design. Back to it on 09.23! I’ll update.