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My name is Rebecca. I am a first grade teacher in Silver Spring, MD. My school is teaching coding for two marking periods and so hopefully this training will prepare me. Nice to meet everyone.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Manoj.
I’m a Cyber Security Consultant and working for an MNC. I’m also a partime freelancer and provide coprporate trainings, takes virtual classes related to Information security.

Teaching is my passion and I really can’t get out of it. I have started taking home classes for my sons and code.org is really helpfully in making kids to understand how coding works.
You may connect with me on twitter at @manoshar21

Please do let me know if I help anyone and definitely looking forward to connect with wonderful faculty.


Yay @stephanie.fox and @achaynes- having a buddy is always the way to go!

hola: mi nombre es Lucía Lagos C.
Vivo en Santiago de Chile, trabajo en el Colegio Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús , enseño desde 5° básico a 2° medio, en el área de Tecnología y Ciencias, llevo 28 años de docencia.
Mi interés es porque estoy capacitación de Code. org y debo terminar este curso. no tengo mayor experiencia
Correo: llagos20@gmail.com

Hola a todos mi nombre es Nelson Urzúa vivo en la ciudad de Curicó perteneciente a la VII Región de Chile. Trabajo en el Colegio Alta Cumbre donde me desempeño como profesor de la asignatura Artes Visuales y este año en particular estos realizando también clases de Tecnología. Trabajo en los niveles 4 y 5 básico (tecnología) y de 8 a 4 año medio (artes visuales)
Actualmente estoy realizando un curso sobre Fundamentos del pensamiento computacional y la programación, por tanto me interesa muchísimo integrarme a esta comunidad para compartir experiencias y sobre todo ganar mayor conocimiento en métodos y estrategias para la enseñanza.
En cuanto a mi experiencia tal como señalo al inicio es muy poca ya que sólo este año he comenzado a dar clases en la asignatura de Tecnología.
Pueden ubicarme también en https://www.facebook.com/nelson.neelurzua
Saludos a todos!!

Hi! My name is Jill. I am a STEM teacher in Conway, South Carolina. I currently teach grades K-5. I want to learn more about computer science to help my students further succeed in what we are already learning.

 Good day All,

 I am Mr. Mac (to my students, at least).  I have not studied computer science since 1983, when a colleague and I spent 15 weeks developing a short elementary music tutorial, using the Pilot language. So, my need to catch-up is very extensive.
 I have used computers for my work since 1989, mostly for word-processing.  I helped students use Finale and Sibellius (sp?), music programs which showed me how advanced the systems have become and how much I have missed. My current motivation is to assist a computer lab teacher, helping students from pre-K through 8th grade. This volunteer post is in Fall River, Massachusetts.

I enjoy and do well in collaboration, so I am glad to have people with whom to interact. Also, as a volunteer, I do not have the resources to go to an in-person seminar.

Evidence of my computer illiteracy, I need to learn how to post my linkedin link; which I will do, as soon as I have the opportunity. Ditto regarding a picture. Although one favorite sweatshirt says, “Tough times don’t last. Tough teachers do.”

Ice cream? Butter-crunch. Even better, butter-crunch with peppermint-stick under hot fudge! My partner says it’s disgusting :wink:

It’s good to be “here”. I hope I can contribute as much as I learn.

Thanks y’all.

Hola, mi nombre es Nayara Flores Milla, soy de la ciudad de Ovalle, Región de Coquimbo, Chile.
Actualmente enseño las asignaturas de Tecnología (3° a 8° año básico) y Artes Visuales (2° a 8° básico)
Llevo solo dos años trabajando como docente por lo que no tengo mucha experiencia e integrar esta comunidad me resultará provechoso para desarrollar una capacitación en la que estoy participando que se llama " Fundamentos de Ciencias de la Computación".

HOLA!!! Mi nombre es Alex Araya, vivo en la Isla grande del Archipiélago de Chiloé en Chile.
Trabajo con estudiantes de tercero y cuarto básico, aproximadamente con niños y niñas de entre 8 y 10 años de edad.

Ser parte de la comunidad de CODE fue mediante una invitación desde el Ministerio de Educación de mi país. Ahora todo depende de mi para poder continuar con esta aventura y poder cocer en profundidad a CODE. un saludo

Hola mi nombre es Cecilia y soy de Santiago de Chile.
Trabajo en un colegio público con niños de 4 a 6 años y me entusiasma mucho la idea de aprender a utilizar esta plataforma como herramienta que permita potenciar la programación desde pequeños.
Considero que la programación y el lenguaje computacional son muy importantes ya que te permiten desarrollar habilidades fundamentales para el siglo XXI.
Saludos a todos y que tengan una linda experiencia. : star_struck::upside_down_face:

Hi my name is Juan Carlos Rivas Fuentes
I live in Santiago de Chile and work in the Colegio Particular Gabriela Mistral
I teach in 4°, 5° and 6° grade, Tecnology
I´m interested in get to know teachers from around the globe and share experiences whit tecnology in their classrooms

My name Ridwan
i live at Jakarta Indonesia, now i setup Computer Science course
i’m teaching kindergarten and elementary now
i’m interested being part of community, because i’ll more information, sharing, get new friends and get help

Hi I am Lori
I teach in NM at a middle school. I introduced this course to my 7th graders about 2 years ago. I have made some changes since then. I use the express course bc I only have them for a semester. It seems to be going well

Hi I am Alida Telegrafciu from Albania. I teach languages but computers and coding became my hobby. Thanks to code.org and the hour of code i am learning a lot of things.
I teach in a Secondary school named " E Kuqe" in the capital city of Albania, Tirana.
My students are 9-16 years old and they like coding and computers as well. I am not in charge of teaching CS in my country but we have an after school club and we enjoy it quite a lot.

Hola, buenas noches, soy Leoncio González, profesor de Matemática, de San Clemente Chile, estoy interesado en ser parte de esta comunidad para aprender estrategias nuevas relacionadas con la programación.


My name is Karen Gordon. I recently retired from the state of Missouri as a Middle School Counselor and decided to drive across the state line and begin teaching technology in Kansas. I work in a K-2 building and see all students once every 4 days. This grade level has been a challenge for me but I love a challenge. I actually taught keyboarding back in the 90s a couple years to 7th graders but technology has changed greatly! I wanted to do this course to better prepare myself in teaching students a subject that I have no real background in. I just thought it would be “fun.”

I have recently completed several lessons in Course A just to see what I would be asking of my students. I started looking for possible PD but found the 2 dates closest to me did not work for me. I was excited to see that I could do it online and have a forum to look at.

I can be found on twitter @kleeg2727 and Facebook at Karen Gordon.

I am Roenitia Steward in Chapel Hill, North
. I just received facilitator training in Raleigh and work with an after school program in a middle school providing enrichment. I enjoy learning with my students and we work pretty well together. I enjoy singing and reading when not at school.

Hello! My name is Kathy Ramsey. I teach 7th and 8th grade Learning Support at Alderwood Middle School in Lynnwood, Washington. I’m joining this community in order to learn more about coding and how it can help my students in their futures.

My Twitter handle is @KathyRamsey2017. I have completed a few hour of code sessions with students but want to learn more. My favorite ice cream is homemade coconut cinnamon Keto ice cream. Yummy!

Welcome @ramseyk! Your neighbors at Code.org are happy to have you here!