Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Hello everyone!!!

My name is Sindy Amaya, I teach first grade. I´ve been teaching first grade for 5 years. I teach all the main courses, but I still need to explore more to see which ones I will be using. I am excited to innovate by implementing it with my students.

Welcome to the teacher forum! Great resources here. Let us know how we can help.

Hi. I’m Jason Alt and I teach middle school students. I’m exploring CS Discoveries to recommend whether our school should use it this coming year for a CS course, summer camp program, and/or after-school program.


Awesome! Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions as you start looking at it, don’t hesitate to come back and post. The community is very good about responding and helping and there are a ton of resources for support, so if you are looking for something and not finding it, let us now.


Reina Cabezas
Not sure; just getting started so I’m exploring. However, I plan to teach the first unit to all grade levels to set classrooms routines/procedures and co-create class agreements with students that will hopefully lead to a shared culture of clear and kind communication and reciprocal collaboration.
Beyond that the 6th graders will have a more linear experience but 7 and 8 graders will choose which units they’re more interested in.
I’m personally really excited to come back to code.org after 5 years. I see that so much has been added and I’m even more excited to use this tool with all the new bells and whistles.

Hi, my name is Kathy Yocum. I teach 7th and 8th grade students. Our classes are scheduled for 9 weeks,
I plan to teach CS Discoveries to most of the 8th grade this year focusing on units 1 and 6. One 8th grade class will work in units 1 and 3. Some of the students are scheduled into both classes throughout the year.
7th grade students will work in CS Fundamentals with one class working in CS Discoveries on units 1 & 3.
I am interested in unit 6 since we have worked some with the micro:bit and circuits. I vary what we are working on with Tinkercad and 3D printing and the micro:bit while incorporating Digital Citizenship and use of Google Workspace.

Looks like you have some good plans. Check back in if you have any questions or need any suggestions on how to make it all work!


HI! I’m Marie from Sarasota, Florida. I teach middle school science, and STREAM lab. I am excited about using code.org to integrate technology and computer science into the curriculum I teach my students. It is all new to me so I am excited to get started.

My name is Garrett Edwards. I teach middle school science. Next year I will be introducing my students to the first three units in CS Discoveries. I am excited to see how coding knowledge can help students solve other problems in their classes.

Hello, my name is Rebekah. I’m in Northern California, and I teach middle school.

My name is Corey Coble. I teach 7th grade Science, History and PLTW CS.
I would like to implement Machine Learning and AI into my Science class and physical computing to my PLTW class.
I am very exited about the Data Science section of CSD

Hi, I’m David Richards from Mt. Lassen Charter (Susanville, CA). I teach high school regularly, and elementary/middle school enrichment (previously, Lego Robotics). I’m not sure which topics we’re going to hit, but I’m very excited about bringing CS Discoveries to my classroom.

Hello! My name is Jaclyn Herbert. Next year I will be teaching 6/7 computer science as well as science and art. I would like to see what we can get through this year as this is my first year teaching computer science. I am excited to get kids excited about computer science and to dive into more project based learning!

My name is Bobette Massaglia. I have been teaching elementary students for 20+ years. I’ve been working with our technology for over 15 years. This fall will be might first dive into teaching high school students. I haven’t decided which course I’m going to use so I’m looking into all of Code. org’s possibilities.

My name is Josiah Corkins. I just finished my first year teaching 2021-2022 as a Middle School 6th - 8th grade intensive reading teacher. I am starting a Computer Science elective this next year 2022-2023 for our Middle School. I plan to teach the full CS Discoveries course. I am still deciding on if I will be using the Physical Computing unit or the AI and Machine Learning unit to close out this coming year. My choice will likely be influenced by my ability to get the Circuit Playground’s for my students. I am very excited to be introducing Computer Science to the students at my school for the first time.

My name is Kim. I will be teaching 9th and 10th graders CS Discoveries this fall. I am hoping to get through units 1-3. I am excited to teach problem-solving, especially the aluminum foil boat activity.

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My Name is Loralee Bannon. I teach youth of all ages. I plan on teaching Units 3, 4 and 7 this year. This is my first year teaching Computer Science. I am most excited about learning along side my students.

Sheila Holland
I was the most excited about Web App and Animation

My name is Tanica and I will be teaching MS computer science. It’s all new to me and will still be a learning process. Looking forward to it!

Hi my name is Assia Razani. I will be teaching CS for the first time in september.
I will be teaching from 1st grade to 8th. I’m really excited and stessed , new adventure ahead!!
I hope to be teaching all CSD as it is a year long class.
I’m really excited about the Interactives animations and games!!