Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Kathleen. I will be teaching 9th graders in a one semester course in which I plan to do units 1 thru 3.
I am excited to be teaching the course and an currently taking a code.org workshop on CS Discoveries!

Hi. About to head into year 4 as a teacher. I teach 3-8. Up until now, I’ve done code.org with 3,4. Next year, we will also be doing CS Discoveries with 6-8.

Hi! My name is Jessica and I will be starting my 2nd year teaching next year. I plan on teaching CS Discoveries to my grades 6-8 cycle classes!

My name is Jim - first year having CS course at our high school, have no idea the abilities of the students coming in, so looking to use CS-Discoveries as a baseline and scaling up for students with more previous CS experience. Not sure how this will all play out. On the bright side I have been with the district for 20 years, and there is a shortage of teachers with my certificate … so even if this first year is a bit of a dumpster fire - I probably won’t get fired.

On a side note 21-22 was not the greatest school year so I am a little sad that we had to go back in time to post this. AP-CSP has an introduce yourself 22-23 topic, are the AP people better than us. I think not…

Hi! My name is Renautha.

This will be my first year teaching CS. I’ve taught Math for the last 7 years.
I’ll be teaching CS to the 8th-grade students this year, hoping to expand to other grades next year. I’ll be teaching all of the units if time permits this school year. I’m most excited to teach the Interactive Animation and Games unit!

Hello code.org community, my name is Andre Purcell. I currently live on the beautiful island of Grenada in the Caribbean. I generally like to refer to myself as an IT Dinosaur, having over 40 years working in the computer industry and teaching IT at the primary, secondary, tertiary levels, and in the enterprise. I have also done numerous community projects and I am currently re-organizing my community offerings utilizing more of the code.org curriculum. I plan to teach Problem Solving and Computing ('22-'23); Web Development ('22-'23); Interactive Animations and Games ('22-'23); The Design Process ('22-'23). I am most excited to show my students how they can use computer science as a tool to solve real world problems.

Sandra Myers
I teach upper elementary and middle school
I plan to teach Web lab, App Lab and games design!!
I am looking forward to create apps with my students!

Harshada Deshmukh
7th grade
1st year teaching any Computer Science course
I will be teaching the Computer Science Discovery course and look forward to the journey.

Jason Marchinek
Teaching a middle school and 3 high school CS classes.
I’ve never taught computer science before, and have limited teaching experience. Mostly worked in industry for the last 20 years. Looking forward to learning a lot!

Hi, folks. I’m a first-time computer-science teacher. Just familiarizing myself with the forum.

My name is Matt Elliott. I teach 7th grade. I plan on using materials from the Express function of the website this year through Lesson 13.

I’m most excited about learning how to code - because I’ve never done this before. That is, except for some minor HTML coding I did in my previous career as a PR professional.

I’m Doug Goldman and this year I’ll be teaching 6th grade (math, sci, ss, ela), art and computer science. I’ve never taught comp sci (or ela, ss, sci), but I’m excited to see how it goes. I’ve chosed the Creativity Focus (web dev’t, interactive animations/games, physical computing). I look forward to learning along with my kids.

Hello everyone! My name is Brandon Jewell (Mr. Jewell), I am beyond excited to start teaching CS Discoveries to our 7th and 8th Graders this coming fall!! I am planning on teaching the entire course to them throughout the school year.

Hi, my name is Alexis Preston. I teach 6th grade math and science. I am most excited to use code.org to support my computer science teaching, rather than the sites I have used in the past. I intend to go as far as possible with my time restrictions.

My name is Timm Yurk. I teach 7th and 8th grade. I have taught basic computers for the last 6 years. We have always been Office 365 centric with the class, but this year we are adding the Discoveries to our curriculum. This will be my first time trying this material. I hope it goes well!!

My name is Stephanie Strickland and I will be teaching 6th and 7th grade. This is the first time I will be be teaching a computer class. I am a little nervous, but was so thankful to have found this website. It is going to be a life saver for me. I am hoping to get through Units 1-3, possibly 4, this year and then what is not completed this year in 6th grade I will finish next year when I have them in 7th.

Hi my name is Jason Shipley, last year I taught middle school students and this year I will be teaching high school. I taught units 1-4 last year and not exactly sure what I am teaching this year yet.

Hi! I’m Susie Kinsey and I teach 6th-8th grade Technology and Fundamentals of Computing. I plan to teach Units 1-3 for 7th and 4-? for 8th. 6th grade will be regular technology. I’m exciting about fullying utilizing Code.org to strengthen my student’s understanding.

Hey guys! I teach 8th grade ELA virtually. I am looking forward to incorporating as much CS into my curriculum as possible. Code.org is an amazing resource.

My name is Lana Hames. I teach grades 6-8. I mainly teach the Web Design for Fundamentals of Computing. I am excited for the students to become more engaged in CS!

Hello my name Patty Boyd. I teach grades 6-8. I love that lesson plans are already created with some assessments