What does the Canvas UI element do?

I don’t know if my training missed it, or I am not looking in the right places for information, but… what in the heck in unit 3 does the Canvas Element do? I can’t see that it does anything. Can’t seem to make it do anything… Help!

The canvas is for drawing. You can use the red canvas blocks to draw pictures on it.

I thought it was for drawing. But… I add it, when I run the app, there’s nothing displaying. I certainly don’t see any red canvas blocks. We are only on Unit 03.

For specific lessons, blocks won’t appear unless a previous lesson has used them. If you’d like to test it out in your own project, you can make a new one with this link.

Thanks. A student was wanting to use one and we both figured it was a drawing element, but it is available in the Design screen, but not the code screen, so it is kind of deceiving. I would think it should not be available for placing as an element if you are unable to interact with it programmatically. It causes some confusion.