A Bit About Yourself


My name is Nicole Yakes and I am an Instructional Support Leader for Network 11. Previously, I taught MS Math for 10 years and Algebra in Chicago Public Schools at Sawyer Elementary for 5 years. I also co-facilitated some Leading With Algebra sessions sponsored by DePaul. I currently support several middle schools in the Englewood community that offer Algebra I to Middle Grades students, including Henderson Elementary.

I am interested in Computer Science because it is a growing field and a field which applies the real-world “function mentality” of Algebra. I am also interested in increasing exposure to Computer Science for girls and for students of color. Lastly, Computer Science is something I would like to learn more about as my own understanding and experience is limited, especially as an educator of Computer Science.

Outside of the classroom I like to spend my time outdoors, whether it’s on a walk with my dog, at a concert, or exploring a street fest. I like to stay active and mix up my routine with boxing, kayaking, and interval or spin classes. To relax, I grab a magazine or book and a chair outside.


Hello, my name is Yazmin and I teach computers/technology. Today students need to learn more about computer science and for that reason I need to prepare myself to teach it. Outside of the classroom, I love to visit new places and learn new things.


Hello, my name is Mary McCarthy. I am an 8th grade homeroom teacher, and I teach ELA and Algebra at McPherson School in Chicago.

I would like to incorporate more technology into my algebra class and exposing my students to CS skills across the curriculum will be extremely beneficial.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, exploring the city (and outdoors in general), and spending time with my family.


My name is Cathy Warzon and I currently teach middle school math at Continuous Curriculum School, which is a public, choice school on a year-round calendar. I currently teach 7th grade math, 8th grade math, and Algebra to 8th graders. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and I spent about 20 years designing and developing software for large corporations prior to returning to school to become a teacher. I’m taking this course because I’ve been wanting to incorporate more computer science in my classes (I’m frustrated and amazed that this isn’t being taught more in our schools). I’ve done the Hour of Code with my students for a couple of years, helped my students learn to code through other avenues and encouraged kids that love to code as a hobby.


Hello, I’m Kenn, I teach Math and High School Algebra to 8th-graders at Spencer Technology Academy in Chicago.

I am interested in Computer Science (CS) because I’m eager to help fill the talent gap that we’ll be facing in this field over the next 10 years. CS and Engineering are the key drivers of the technological innovations that have changed our lives over the past 10 years.

Outside of educating, I am a LOVER of movies and TV Shows that are scripted, unpredictable, and full of drama, action, or adventure. I was also an enthusiast of local and national politics but that area of our society has become much too negative, too polarizing, and not much fun for me to follow anymore.


My name is Michael Alexandris.

I teach algebra at Uplift Community High School.

I am always looking forward to learning new ways to teach my passion.

With the increasing use of technology in this generation of students, I look forward to learning how to best implement the tools from this PD in my classroom.


Hi Everyone,

I’m Jeremy and I teach 5th and 6th Grade Computer Science classes at the University of Chicago Laboratory School in Illinois.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Bootstrap and integrating CS with algebra.

When I’m not staring at ia screen, I love riding my mountain bike!

Best wishes to all!


Hello, my name is Joy McKay. I teach in an inclusion algebra 2 class at John Hope College Preparatory High School.

I am very excited to participate in the upcoming workshop to learn how to integrate computer science into lessons. There is a huge push in the world for technology and to better prepare students for their future careers it is essential to have a firm grasp of basic computer science skills.

I would like to introduce my students and/or practice the following basic computer science skills in class: digital communication, online research and computer organization.


My name is Stephen Tow. I’m the technology teacher/coordinator at Goudy Technology Academy. I teach 4th, 5th, and 7th grade technology class. I also teach a 5th-8th grade Design Engineering class. In my classroom, I teach coding using Code.org and Tynker programming. If you look at what students are most interested on a daily basis, computer science usually has a root to where their interest lies. I’m looking for more strategies to integrate into my curriculum and to assist my teachers in implementing the CS Algebra course.

Outside of the classroom, I like to travel and enjoy time with my family.


My name is Jackie. I teach at Juda School a 4k-12 self contained school district in rural Wisconsin. I currently teach core classes grades 6-8 focusing this year in science and social studies.

After 24 years in the classroom, I am very interested in teaching my students how to use coding to create something for themselves rather than just being a consumer. I am excited to be here with my new peer, Amanda. We have one year working together under our belt and it has been a refreshing journey as we explore new horizons for our students.

Outside the classroom, I enjoy spending time with and caring for my family. Personally, I have most deeply rewarded by the several mission trips I have been part of.


I’m Rita. I teach middle school students in Chicago Illinois. Although my current assignment has been Science and Social Science, I could be placed back into a Mathematics role at any time. Despite that fact, I understand the importance of modeling (using mathematics, and now computer science) as a key practice ,in my STEM classroom. I look forward to learning with, and from, all of you.


My name is Michael Hock. I teach 6th grade math at Prieto Math & Science Academy. Last year we started an after-school enrichment program (meeting once each week) for 6th - 8th grade students. We are hopeful that we could use “CS in Algebra” curriculum for our enrichment program this year.

Exposing students to computer science at an early age is potentially helpful as students mature, and start to make decisions regarding future careers.

I enjoy traveling, getting to know my city better, biking and the beach.


My name is Samantha Gothelf and I teach 6th, 7th, 8th and Algebra at Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy in Chicago. I am interested in connecting student interest in code to my math classes. Outside the classroom I enjoy spending time with my family, running and reading.


My name is Scott Fulton. I teach 7th grade Math and Science. Like others have said, I am excited to help my students become exposed to coding which can lead to a possible future career. I love staying active and watching my Chicago sports teams.


Where and what do you teach?
Why are you interested in Computer Science?
What do you like to do outside of the classroom?

My name is Kevin Wong and I teach 6-8 math at Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy. I am interested in computer science because with the ever growing technology in students’ lives, this is one of many ways to help them relate to education in their lives. I enjoy playing volleyball and basketball in my free time.


hi I’m Anna and I am a STEM teacher who is excited about teaching CS in Algebra.


I teach STEM and I am interested in expanding students’ knowledge of Computer Science in my class.


My name is Glenda Banks and I work at Chavez Multicultural Academic Elementary Center. I teach Middle School Technology Education to grades 5-8. I have teaching technology for about 8 years. I have using code.org in my classroom for the past two years.
In my previous life, I worked in the corporate America as a information technology project manager.



My name is Cheryl Widman and I am a Chicago Public Schools Special Education Math Teacher. I am looking forward to learning about how to integrate computer science as a way to help my middle school students learn algebra.

Based on what I have learned so far, code studio can provide an engaging way to develop algebraic thinking.


My Name is Michelle Felton. I teach diverse learners at Lief Ericson Elementary. I like code, I am not 100% percent why. I started learning code in high school when it was not popular. Outside the classroom I enjoy hanging out with my family, traveling and going to the movies.