A Bit About Yourself


Hi! My name is Megan Grochowiak and I am a 5th grade math teacher in the Chicago Public School system. I fell in love with the work that Code.org has been doing in school at ISTE this year and I am interested in bringing more coding opportunities to my school community. When I am not teaching, I love to travel, practice yoga and workout in our beautiful city, Chicago! Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning lots from you all!


Hi, My name is Paul and I teach 7th grade Alegebra, Pre-algebra, science and engineering. The engineering class is by the most engaging for my students because we use 3-d modeling and robotics to teach elements of design, engineering and coding. I would love to have more hands on tools to get my students more engaged in my math classes. I also coach basketball at my school.

Outside the classroom I enjoy making pop-up art, skiing and snowboarding, mt. biking, playing bike polo, and spending time with friends and family.


I teach high school math and will be at a new school this year. I enjoyed my computer science classes in college and think students can benefit from applying what they have leaned in math to the real world.


Hello, My name is Travis. This coming year I will be teaching four different math classes (algebra, pre-algebra, jr. high title math, and high school title math) and one jr. high social studies class at Prescott Jr/Sr. High School in Prescott, WA.

I want to know more about using computers in my classes to support my students’ math learning.

Outside the classroom I like backpacking, riding motorcycles, traveling with my wife, camping, relaxing at my cabin, and microbrews.


My name is Alem Haile-meskel.
I teach at Alderwood middle school, Edmonds school district, WA 7th and 8th grade Math
I am interested in the computer science to help students achieve the 21st century skills.
Read, play tennis, bowling, online chess and spend time with my family.


My name is Angel Ericksen and I teach Algebra, 7th ELL Math, and Math Support at Alderwood Middle School in Lynnwood, Washington.

I am interested in Computer Science because it keeps students engaged, it’s beneficial to their future, and it’s fun!

Outside of the classroom I enjoy hanging out and traveling with my two-year-old twin daughters.


My name is Cari Cummins and I teach in the Edmonds School District at Meadowdale Middle School. I teach Math 8 and Honors Geometry. We now have one-to-one computers in our district so it is my goal to continue gathering information on how my students can use their Chromebooks successfully in my math classroom.

I love to spend time with my family, take long walks in the sun, bake, and work in my garden.


My name is Steve and I teach 8th grade math. I’m hoping to use computers to tap into a better approach for kids to understand basic algebra.
When I am not in the classroom my time is filled building different projects and playing golf.


Hi! My name is Hope Isitt. I teach math at Odle Middle School in Bellevue, Washington. I will be teaching 8th grade Algebra this coming year for the first time in about ten years. I’ve been using Hour of Code and code.org with my 6th and 7th grade students for the past few years. I’m really excited to see how coding can enhance the algebra learning experience for my students. I believe that their algebra learning should be as directly connected to their real lives and interests as possible. This feels like one cool way to do that.
I live in North Bend and love to spend my free time outside, hiking, swimming, boating with my two kids, 18 and 23, and my husband and extended family. I also love to read, draw and watch movies.


Hello! I currently teach in the Edmonds School District at Maplewood K-8, a parent cooperative school. In the upcoming year I will be teaching middle school Geometry, Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra (7/8), and Leadership. I have been providing my students with opportunities to learn coding, but this has primarily occurred by throwing it at them! I am looking forward to finding a way to integrate coding into my curriculum in a purposeful and meaningful way. Computer Science is not an area in which I have a lot of personal interest, but I want my students to be competent and prepared for progression in this area. Outside of the classroom I enjoy hiking, my kids’s sports, and traveling.


Hello, Hope! We share a teaching level (I have 7th/8th) and proximity. It sounds like we’ve been implementing similar and a desire to make learning real and relevant. We will have to compare notes!


I teach math at Edmonds eLearning Academy, a public alternative 7-12 hybrid school.
I am interested in Computer Science because I know my students will need to have an understanding of coding - just like reading, writing, and speaking - to be successful.
Outside of the classroom, I like to play board games and RPGs, hang out with my family, and care for our many pets.


I go by Mrs. P.
I think I am going to teach Algebra 1 and Pre-Calculus this year at Stevenson High School.
Computer Science is my minor but I have no done any programming in 20 years so not only do I need a refresher but apparently I am also old.
Outside the classroom my world revolves around my dogs.



My name is Connie Wakefield and I will be co-teaching Algebra 1 for the first time this year at the high school.

I used to work for Electronic Data Systems so this is exciting to bring my previous employment into my new employment. I am hesitant as it has been a long time since I coded anything, but I look forward to refreshing my skills.

In my spare time, I coach the freshman volleyball team, watch my daughter figure skate and help my son find his place in life.

Here’s to a good year!


Hello, This is Anahita and I teach Algebra and EL Content Literacy in English and Science courses at Stevenson High School. I’m interested to know more about teaching CS in my Algebra Classes. Outside of school curriculum I take watercolor painting classes.


Hi! My name is Mark Wojciechowski. I teach three sections of a Technology elective class and Math 8 at Pinacate Middle School in the Perris Unified School District. I have taught computer science since last year when we discovered CODE.org among other useful resources. What I love about computer science and coding is seeing the genuine interest from students as they complete their projects. This interest in coding and technology is something I had never seen in education for nine years.



I have been teaching for several years now at Stevenson High School and look forward to learning how this coding program will help my students gain a better understanding of algebra. Years ago, I took a few computer science courses. I always enjoyed the sense of satisfaction I attained when coding problems were solved. In my spare time I love to relax with friends and family at my cottage in northern Michigan.

  • My name is Efrain.
  • I teach Algebra and Pre-Algebra at the California Military Institute.
  • I am interested in Computer Science because I want to integrate it into the mathematics curriculum and inspire some students to continue to build on their knowledge of it in the CS electives when they reach High School.
  • Outside of the classroom, I like to build robots, build/flip houses, repair/maintain cars, travel the world, take photographs, take hikes and workout at the gym.


My name is Christina Suffel and I teach special education Algebra I and II at Eisenhower high school. I also co-teach Algebra II. I am interested in CS because I believe it is a valuable strategy I can share with my students so they can see the connections in math. When I am not teaching, I love to spend time with my family.


My name is Maritte Green. I teach 8th grade Math in Riverside, CA. I am interested in Computer Science because it is the science of our current industry. Everyone uses it and therefore a deeper understanding of it will help me appreciate it. Outside of the classroom I like to travel and study the Bible.