A Bit About Yourself


Hello my name is Josie Pompa, I currently teach 7th to 12th grade students in a Special Education class that is mild to moderate for Riverside Unified School District. I would like to introduce my students into computer science because it will expose them to coding, which will increase my students to like math.


My name is Pam Huskey. I teach algebra and pre-algebra at Buckingham Co Middle School in Virginia. This is my 42nd year teaching.

I’ve completed the Hour of Code with my classes the last couple of years and look forward to going more in depth with my algebra classes this year.

Outside of the classroom, my husband and I enjoy football and baseball games, gardening, reading, and crossword puzzles.



My name is Trapper Hallam and I teach at Eisenhower High School (Home of the Eagles) in Shelby Township Michigan.

My interest fall back to my video game obsession as a kid. Got hooked and stayed hooked. In college a friend and created a Geocities (remember that) movie review page for fun. Loved learning and playing with HTML code. Now in my classroom I want to expose the same love for code as I have with my students.

I love spending time with my family but when I’m not I enjoy all things tech.


I teach math at Edmonds eLearning Academy.
I am interested in Computer Science primarily because my students are interested in it, and I feel it will help them reach their future goals.
Outside of the classroom, I like to play board games, spend time with friends and family, and do silly things for charity.


My name is Brian Hickman and I am a middle school teacher in Spokane, WA. I currently teach STEM classes, and I am a teacher/leader within my school. My leadership focus is technology, and I am attempting to move many of our teachers into utilizing technology to enhance their teaching. Currently we are adding “Gamification” into our school vision. I have taught coding for a number of years, and want to see how the Algebra section fits with our school vision.

I currently spend most of my out of school time chasing a 2 and 4 year old, and playing in a couple of bands.


Cheryl Ledesma
Prosser High School
Prosser WA
I teach three sections of algebra1 to mostly 9th graders. Most if not all students did not pass algebra in 8th grade.
I also teach 2 sections of geometry to 9th/10th graders.
computer science gives that application to real life and answers the question kids have, “why do I have to learn this.”
I am an avid hiker; enjoy bicycle riding; and walking my dog daily.


Hi, my name is Magdalena Zorrilla and I teach in Coral Gables, Florida. My school’s name is Coral Gables Preparatory Academy, which is a K-8 Center. I currently teach Geometry, Algebra 1 and 7th Grade Advanced mathematics.
My Bachelor’s Degree is in Industrial Engineering and I am very interested in the introduction and infusion of Computer Science in the classroom. Currently my students use different programs as supplemental to the class.
Outside of my classroom I like to spend time with my family, read, going to the beach, the movies and getting together with friends.


Hi, My name is Kelly Vargas. I teach Math at Miami Sunset senior High. I took computer science courses while doing my bachelor. Outside the classroom I find recipes and cook them. I hope this course will get my students more interested in mathematics.


My name is Silvia Mendoza and I am an Algebra 1 teacher at Young Women’s Preparatory Academy. I am interested in computer science because I believe it will help my students understand the concepts. Also I think it will be a great opportunity to expose my students to real life use of technology. Outside the classroom I enjoy working out at the gym.


My name is Maureen Campbell and I am currently teaching Algebra I Honors and Pre-Algebra in the Miami Dade County Public School System. Prior to this I supported teachers as an Instructional Coach, a Curriculum Support Specialist and taught Geometry in high school.

I am interested in Computer Science because it involves problem solving skills which are essential when making connections with real-world applications in Algebra. As an educator I would also like to learn more about Computer Science to enhance my instruction.

Outside the classroom I enjoy spending time with family and friends, gardening, traveling and listening to music.


Hello Everyone!
My name is Lena Ward-Williams and I currently teach at Young Men’s Preparatory Academy. My teaching assignments include Algebra 1 and 2 honors and Pre-Calculus.

I am interested in this program because it will bring and added dimension of exploration and hand-on activities into the Algebra I setting.

During my “relaxation” time, I like to travel and read books.




My name is Kelsey Ludvigsen and I am an Algebra 1 teacher at Mater Lakes Academy. I am interested in computer science because it helps students develop the skills they need to succeed professionally in the 21st century. We are also in the process of STEM Designation, and this is a great way to integrate STEM into the curriculum that is both engaging and relevant. Outside of the classroom, I like to spend time with my husband and our dogs, and I also enjoy long-distance running.



My Name is Mellanie. I am a teacher in Miami, FL. I currently teach Algebra 1 Honors and Pre-Algebra.

I am interested in Computer Science to understand the application of coding in mathematics and to discover ways my students can develop their creativity.

Outside of the classroom, I love making my own soap and lotion from scratch. I enjoy experimenting with the properties of various oils to create a moisturizing cleansing bar of soap that is better than store bought products.


Hello, my name is Shikonya Cureton. I have taught math in grades 6-8 at all levels over the past 8 years in Spring Branch ISD in Houston. This coming school year I will be a lead math interventionist at an elementary school in Spring Branch ISD.

I am interested in Computer Science, because each year my own children participate in the Hour of Code (I believe this is the correct name) and it looked fun. They actually taught me a little of how to code through the games. I am also interested in being able to reach out to my students who are not engaged in the regular class activities in hopes this will engage them. Since I will be moving to a new position this school year, I will be able to share my thoughts with the teachers and more students than I would have being in the classroom.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my children taking road trips, watching movies at the theater and at home, playing with my mini schnauzer and just enjoying the down time from the classroom.


Hi! My name is Maria Golucino and I teach at Killough Middle School in Alief ISD. I am currently teaching 7th grade math and Pre-AP Algebra 1.

I am interested in Computer Science because I want to be able to contribute to our school’s STEM program by integrating coding into our math lessons.

My passion is interior decorating and I spend my free time planning and doing DIY projects. I have a dog (poodle mix) and I spend time watching TV and cuddling with him when I’m not doing these projects. My weekends are spent watching movies with my family and we also travel when we can.



My name is Edward Arispe and I teach 7th grade math at Mayde Creek Junior High in the Katy Independent School District.

I am very interested in incorporating programming into my math classroom in hopes of igniting the curiosity within my students. My goal is to introduce them to concepts they otherwise might not learn about until high school. I’m also very interested in learning about the parallels between algorithms in computer programming and the problem solving process in math.

In my free time I enjoy running, traveling, Crossfit, and playing with my dog, Apollo.


Hello My name is Rene Wilson. I teach in Fort Bend ISD in Sugar Land, TX. My current assignment is 6th grade math. This is a second career for me and I consider myself a life long learner. I feel bringing Computer Science into the classroom will help with student engagement and show real life application of the math we teach. Outside of work I enjoy sharing time with my family, dance, reading and travel.


My name is Melissa Nutall and I was a Algebra1 Teacher until now next year will be Math Interventionist at Aldine Senior High School in Houston, TX
I am very interested in coding for the Algebra 1 class which will bring a lot of interesting ideals and higher level thinking for the students.
Outside of work I am interested in family time, travel, and sports.


Hello! My name is Jamie Shick and I teach middle school math and science at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Houston. I am looking forward to learning how to integrate CS in my classes including STEM activities and our Makerspace.
I have two small children and love to read.


My name is Tanya Pace. I teach 8th grade Math at Reagan K-8 in Houston ISD. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways of teaching Math, which is why I’m interested in computer science. This is an opportunity to help students explore other uses of math. Students and myself having the opportunity to make connections with math and coding is intriguing. In my free time I enjoy making jewelry, working on home projects and spending time with my family.