A Bit About Yourself


My name is Patricia McMorris and I am a mathematics teacher at Milby HS in the Houston ISD. I am interested in exposing my students to computer science so that I can help them be better prepared for the world they live in.


My name is Joanne Lim and currently, I am a math interventionist at an elementary campus in Spring Branch ISD in Houston, Texas. I feel a bit out of place seeming as how I’ve never taught Algebra courses or middle/high school level, but I am very interested in CS.
First of all, for me, I think it’s about exposure - new exposure for me and definitely, after more training, hopefully greater exposure for my student body as well as our staff to be introduced to CS even in the elementary grades. I was very enlightened when I went through the code.org teacher training last summer and how we can apply CS to many core areas of learning!
My life is full of my faith, family, friends, and I cherish traveling and photography!


I really liked implementing the hour of code with our students, too


Hi, Joanne! We will be working together once again.

I am excited about learning how to implement CS into our elementary grades as well. This will be an learning experience for me since this is my first course introducing me to CS.

Shikonya Cureton


My name is Urita, I am a teacher with Fort Bend in Sugarland Texas. I have started a coding club in middle school and love to learn how CS can be used in Math.
I play Chess and raise cattles.


My name is Glenda Jones. I teach expelled students. I am interested in computer science because I wanted to be equipped for the future. Computer science will only enhance students experience and prepare them for the future. I enjoy learning new subjects. Outside of teaching, I enjoy classic car show, and shopping


I teach secondary math in Houston, Texas. I am interested in the ways that CS engages my students in creative and collaborative problem solving. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy walking my dog, Plato, and being with family.


My name is Kelvin Tran and i am teaching Algebra 1 at Stevenson Middle School.
I have always been interested in computer science but has never taken any courses before.
I have no background in coding so this will be a eye and mind-opening experience for me.
Beside teaching, I loves to volunteer outside of school to serve the youth in the community.


My name is Rachel Bacilla and I teach Algebra I at Incarnate Word Academy. I have never coded before and am interested to learn. I think that it is an experience my students are going to love. Outside of school I am a cookie decorator. I mostly bake for my students and family.