AI Unit... Lesson 17/18 Issue Statements and Google Forms

Hi all…
We are having a tough time connecting the dots through Lessons 17-18 in the AI Unit. Things have been going great, until L18. lol
We can’t make the connections between Lesson 17’s activity guide and Lesson 18’s google form.
In Lesson 17, they came up with their own Issue Statement and questions in order to create the Machine Learning App.
But then in Lesson 18 they are brought back to the Club Recommender and it’s questions from those 5 cartoon characters (Nico, Hawa, Isaac, etc.)

So we’re following the script, but we don’t understand why we are using Nico, Hawa, Isaac’s questions for Book Recommender app and then adding my students’ own questions from their Issue Statments in the Google Form.

Not even sure if this makes any sense to anyone other than me. lol
Please help if ya can!

I can see how this might be confusing. Lesson 17 walks the students through the process with the fictional students. Lesson 18 gives a little more detail to the story, then asks students to think of their own guiding questions. Finally, lesson 18 leads students to use a Google Form template to create a survey to gather the data needed to create the club recommender app the fictional students want to create. Lesson 19 has students looking at survey data from the Google Form created in Lesson 18.

Like all Code lessons, some of the steps seem like baby steps when some students, and teachers, are ready to run. I could easily see some classes condensing these lessons. It would all depend on the level of the students being taught.