Big Data Sleuth key



Is there an answer key or something similar for the Big Data Sleuth activity guide? Looking to compare what I am finding and expecting with what others who have more experience are doing for this exercise. It was pretty interesting the information available.


@jreilly2016 not at the moment! I have shared your request with the curriculum team. I can guess that with so many different sites (sites that might change), it might be that this is more of an ¨exploration guide¨ there are not really wrong answers… that is just my initial idea…


Thanks. The sample of ideas is more what looking for as opposed to a single right answer. Agree a lot of different possibilities. Looking for that jump start on different approaches.


I agree; having samples would be a huge time saver for teachers.


I have concerns about the Twitter website there is inappropriate content when you search for just common words. I searched mother and a lot of associations with Mother F’er came up. Especially under the word art tab.