Black bars rather than purple or aqua

I switched students out of Interactive Animation & Games to another unit. I still need to go back to that unit to grade their last projects in Lesson 26. When I and the students go back, the interface is surrounded by black bars rather than the usual colors. Why is this?

Also, I like to share the link with parents. It is not an option all of a sudden. Only to Copy link to project; Send to phone and publish. I don’t want any of those but just a share link. When I copy the url it sends you back to the login page. Please help.

Susan Abrams

Send to phone


This is really interesting. I never noticed this before, but I went back and checked a unit that was no longer assigned to a class and the bars were black on those too. I was still able to access everything though. I still had a share option though. I was able to get the link, share to a phone, or publish. You could always have students share their projects to parent’s phones. I’m wondering what others have done in similar situations.

Copy link to project SHOULD do just that. If you click that button, it will just change shades of purple. It doesn’t show the link like it used to, but then, if you paste it, the link will show up.

If you find a level where thay is not the case, please report that as a bug to