Citing Sources/Reference List

Are there any rules or guidelines as to how the reference list should be created? It looks like you don’t have to use MLA or APA. For example, I had a student do in text citations of (Source 1) and then listed sources like below in a list on the last question 2e. I found it very clear, but wasn’t sure if it is good practice.

Source 1:

Author: Not Available

Title: What is 3D Printing?

Date Retrieved: December 11, 2019

Date Written: Janurary 7, 2019


Source 2:

Author: Brendan Fitzpatrick

Title: 3D Printing: A Cybersecurity Concern

Date Retrieved: December 13, 2019

Date Written: October 30, 2018


Hi Choster,

You’re right that there’s no specific format required - as long as it meets whatever requirements are explicitly stated:

Sometimes my students will find an article from a questionable source (ex: Wikipedia) or won’t be able to find required information about the source (ex: publication date).

In the case of Wikipedia articles, I advise them to look at the references of the article and consider finding the information in the references and citing those instead. In both cases, I say a possible strategy is to find the same information in another article online, and hopefully they can find an article that’s more reputable and/or has more info about the article.

Students should make sure their citations are in-text citations, where they refer to the citations in the text… not merely a bibliography at the end.