Create Task Survival Guide....200 or 250 words?

On part 2C of the Create Task, the students have a word limit of 200 words. On the SURVIVAL GUIDE, Pg. 16, it says 200 words at the top of the page, however at the bottom of the page it is 250 words.

I hope this can be changed for future years since it caused a panic with several of my students.


Thanks for catching that. Will try to fix it asap!

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Just fixed it @jkeays thanks for pointing out the issue.

I had a few students click the FINAL SUBMIT button with a word count >200 and <250 for 2C (Create Task) We looked over the rubric and there doesn’t appear to be an official penalty for a word count >200. The AP Instructions also provide a “total” word count of around 700 or so for all parts.

Good news, there total word allowance is less than their total.

I suspect, these word allowances are not checked but keeps most responses the same length.

Thanks for fixing it. Peace