CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop Sharing!

I am enjoying the ease of the CSD curriculm!

I learned what pair programming is and how to use it!

I have learned there is a lot more to learn. So wish this could have been in person and not virual.

:heart: Some great training going on here in Tennessee! Ready to bring CS to my classroom! :smile: #2020

I have enjoyed learning how to navigate the code.org website and have the forum to get help with the school year starts.

I did not know that until this workshop!! My kids love Kahoot!

This is the most useful professional development I’ve had in years. Excellent!

I believe that with everything being unknown, the training this summer is very helpful!! Thanks #2020

I’m excited that we can make paired programming work in a Zoom breakout room! Hooray!

Pair programming is a great collaboration tool!

Would have loved to see more time working with the program rather than teaching lessons, otherwise, a very informative course.

Very informative Lesson

Great training. I feel ready to teach my first coding lesson, thank you!

CS Discoveries 5-day Summer Workshop helped me feel more comfortable using the CODE.org online lessons!

I love learning html and looking for bugs. I’m looking forward to integrating this program with my kids.

I enjoyed learning about Game Lab and discovering details about a CS lesson plan.

This has been a great workshop. It helps to remind us that asking for help and working together makes us all better at what we do.

I learned about CSS and how it beautifies web pages better than HTML. I also learned about the problem solving process.

What a great workshop. I am teaching CS for the first time and this course has made me feel more confident.

This has been a wonderful experience! I came knowing very little, and I’m leaving knowing a whole lot more. I especially enjoyed the paired programming. Thanks for the great experience.