CSP Forum Introductions


Hello all. My name is Mercedes. I currently teach at San Pedro High School in Southern California. I have been teaching high school math for the past 7 years and I typically teach Algebra 2. I am a little nervous about teaching CSP since I’m not a CS teacher and since the last time I programmed was in college. However, I am excited to learn something new.
I enjoy many outdoor activities such as running, hiking and yoga. I am also a huge fan of performing arts, I love musicals, live music and dancing. Lastly, I enjoy social activities where I get to eat and meet new people.


My name is Steve Ligator. I teach at George Westinghouse HS in Brooklyn. This is my third career, engineering, business, and now education. I have been teaching for about 10 years (6 in CT). I currently teach physics and taught ECS last year. Big TV guy. Read Game of Thrones 3 x’s.


Hello! My name is David Baker and I have been teaching for 4 years now. I have taught mathematics, engineering, and now Computer science! I love rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, juggling, and am currently teaching at Rockville High School in Montgomery County Maryland.


Greetings, my name is Luanne Sirsky and I start my sixteenth year at Hillcrest High School in Jamaica (Queens) in NYC under an English license this fall. Out of the fifteen years, I taught English and trained in the Cisco Networking Academy as a Certified Cisco Academy Instructor in Information Technology Essentials (ITE) and gained my CompITIA A+ industry certification in hardware and software. I also have my Masters in Instructional Technology, which started the quest towards computer science, but without industry experience I cannot achieve a CTE license. For the last seven years and presently, I teach Microsoft Office Applications for Queensborough Community College in their College Now program at Hillcrest HS. My Hillcrest schedule fluctuated between English and ITE or CCNA (networking) or Panduit (wiring) for the last ten years. I taught ECS for the first time ln the 2014-2015 school year and thoroughly loved the critical thinking and problem solving skills it promoted, but also for teaching me to be a true facilitator in the classroom. I relish the fact that I have had principals that recognize that college and career readiness involves technology and computer science. This fall, I will teach ECS again, ITE/CCNA, CSP, and one senior English course this fall, buit I look forward to the challenge and all courses are online, so I look forward to being a “digital” instructor.to

If my introduction did not make it clear, I am a geek or a nerd and yes, I just spent four days upgrading my father and brother’s computers from Windows XP to Windows 7 SP1 to allow the free Windows 10 OS while I was home on vacation! I also enjoyed the time I spent in the kitchen feeding 11 people and hostessing a family reunion and another party without my kitchen. I do enjoy cooking when the food is appreciated! As much as I love NYC and I do immensely, I also enjoy camping and being outside of the asphalt jungle.


Hi, I’m Teresa. I’ve been teaching high school math and computer science for the past 14 years.


Hello! My name is Dan Sheldon, I’ve taught Computer Science off and on for five years, and have been programming for 30. I enjoy cycling, yoga, and hanging out with my two boys (8 and 10). I look forward to meeting you!


Hey all My name is Andrew Crowe I’ve been teaching Math for 3 years now at Solorio Academy in Chicago and going into my second year of teaching CS. I taught ECS last year, going into teaching CSP next year, and hope to be exclusively teaching both of them within the next few years. In the meantime, I also teach Geometry. I love to stand up paddle board, cook, and camp, often all in the same weekend!


Hi all!

My name is Mike Seeley, and I teach at West Deptford High School in Southern New Jersey. I’m a math teacher by trade, but excited to expand our school’s comp sci offerings by teaching CSP this year!


I am Chinell Little and teach Technology Education courses at Heritage High School Governor’s STEM Academy. I have been teacher for a total of 5 years. I teach courses within the Modeling & Simulation (Computer Science) strand at the STEM academy. I have experience teacher programming, app development, game design, graphic design, and 3D modeling. My interests include reading and participating in Zumba classes.


My name is Kim Price and this fall, I’ll be teaching CSP and DTS at Springbrook HS in Montgomery County, Maryland. I have 10+ years teaching computer-related classes at the middle school level. I loved the PD in New York in August and I’m very excited about the new year.



Hello fellow new APCSP teachers. I’m an old guy, teaching for 31 years, 15 of them out of the classroom. I’m back in the classroom teaching CS at the Garfield Computer Science Magnet in LA for the third year. I teach CS all day, including ECS, and other CS courses, now including APCSP. Looking forward to using a well developed curriculum, since I mostly create my own as I go. Besides teaching I am a husband, father of four (two college grads and twin college seniors), and a nationally ranked amateur road cyclist.


My name is Stephen Sell and I will teaching APCSP, ECS (called Foundations of Comp Sci in MD), and DTS (a hybrid Engineering and Comp Sci course in MD) this year. I also have taught Web Design, CompTIA A+, IED (a PLTW engineering course), Java Programming I, Python, Word Press, and Software Applications. I am looking forward to being the pioneer at my school this year to establish the beginning of our APCSP course!


This is Andrea from Wheaton HS in Montgomery County, MD. I have been teaching for over 20 years, mostly math and PLTW engineering. This will be my second year teaching CS full-time and my schedule includes CSP, APCS and a mixed section of Programming 3 and Adv Web Design.

In my free time, I enjoy crafting, music and otherwise avoiding housework.


Hi this is Alicia from The School for Legal Studies. I have been teaching for the last three years. I taught ECS last year and I am looking for to teaching CS Principles this year.


Hello, my Name is Terry Yeigh I am a Computer Science Teacher at John R. Rogers High School in Spokane Washington. I have taught the past 10 years and previously worked in industry in Marketing and Sales. Teaching is my second career. I am endorsed as a CTE instructor with certification in various work-based learning and Business Marketing areas as well as technology. I like to ride a motor cycle and take trips to see the sights around our state. I also like spending time with my family and my two dogs and cats. My wife and are looking forward to becoming Grandparents in February 2016 by way of my youngest son and his wife.


My name is Mike Williams from Spokane Valley, WA and I have been teaching Mathematics for 25 years. I enjoyed being a part of the ECS course last year, although it was challenging at times. My hobbies are fly fishing and hunting.


Hi! My name is Kate Pomeroy and I teach math, computer science and technology.


I forgot to reply to this thread, I think!

I’m Tim Milligan, and I teach CS at Gaithersburg High School in Gaithersburg, MD. This is my third year teaching, a career which was preceded by 3 years working as a programmer. I teach CSP, AP CSA, Designing Tech Solutions (an awkward hybrid of broad tech ed topics and java), and an advanced CS class for students who have taken AP. Hobbies include baking, guitar, drawing, and the occasional camping trip.


Hi, My name is Peter and I am a IT teacher at Matoaca HS in Chesterfield VA. I teach Cisco computer networking and ITE (A+ cert) I also teach the CSP and CSA computer science classes. This is my first year teaching CSA and my second year teaching CSP. My current hobbies are reading scifi and fantasy books and swimming


Hi, I’m Steve Shultz and I teach at Bethel HS in Hampton, VA. I’m a career switcher, retired Air Force, and have been teaching now for 10 years. This year I’m teaching IT Fundamentals and Programming, and look forward to incorporating the CSP curriculum into the Programming class.

I like to bowl, follow the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers, and travel with my wife, as much as possible to see our two grown sons.