Earth Science Challenge #1


I chose to create pollution. I was able to create the polluted area and the pollution but I did not get it to work all the way. It gets frustrating when I have it working and then something goes away and the code doesn’t work any more.


I chose the first since I don’t teach this concept in my curriculum. Added the three pumps.
Had to re-fresh memory on basics
easy once I got into it

#43 Chose the first one, I do not teach this concept


I chose challenge 1 because this module is not part of my curriculum, so my experience with this coding is minimal. I struggled making my workspace “neat” - I had difficulty getting all of the procedures placed in an orderly fashion.

  1. I chose making the third pump. because I am still not comfortable in Star Logo Nova
  3. My version did not help so I sought assistance from another person’s link.
  4. I still need practice on SL Nova

Got really frustrated because I kept having to reload the page every time I made a change…

  1. I chose the first challenge because I am a bit rusty & because I will likely not use this simulation in my curriculum.
  3. I didn’t struggle too much, since I picked the easy challenge.
  4. Don’t need help yet.


This is Mary Helen from Houston.

I chose to complete the Earth Science Challenge #1 because I already studied the water pump model in my PD.

Here is the URL

What I struggled with the most was remembering to add the make pump 3 call procedure in the when setup pushed block.

What I feel I still need help with is filling out the forms and just to practice more.


I choose the hard challenge in an attempt to simulate evaporation and transpiration in nature.

I struggle with making the simulation looks real. I would like to advance my skills to be able to simulate many interesting model.


I choose the hard challenge to simulate evaporation and transpiration as it occurs in nature. I would like to advance my skills to be able to create many interesting models.

I chose the basic model because I wanted to spend more time in the life science module.
I don’t need any additional help


I chose the Easy challenge because I need to get this done
The only struggle was finding time to complete the task
Making new breeds is something I need help with



I chose the easy challenge on the water pump because I was least familiar with this model as I don’t teach water. I am struggling with making the additional pump appear even though I copied the code for creating an initial pump. I looked at others code and my code is matching, additionally I looked through our book. Please help me find the error in my code.


new link, updated pump in the turtle tab but still does not create the two new pumps.


Hi Heather- I took a look at your model and see that in the World tab that the procedures for the 2 new pumps are not ‘called’ in the setup code. Go to the procedure draw and pull out 2 new ‘call’ blocks and put them under the ‘make pump’ block. You’ll be able to select the 2 new procedures and you should see 2 new pumps.

It’s a tricky thing to realize that once a procedure is made that it needs to be ‘called’ in either the Setup or Forever event blocks.

best of luck,


I modified the base model that I created in June. I chose the easiest model because I thought it would be most beneficial for what my students need.


I chose to add a pump because I do not teach earth science. My link is at

I also am struggling with getting my data boxes to recognize the pumping action of pumps 2 and 3. I tried changing the color of the end of the pump to black as suggested in another post to no avail.

Any help getting that to work would be wonderful! Even though I don’t teach it, it would be nice to know why it isn’t working!

Thank you!


I did the first challenge. I had played around with this model before this question was presented. I went with the first challenge as this is more like what my students would be able to do, plus I haven’t had enough time to really sit down and test out the other challenges. I like to try challenges before presenting them to my students in case they come across a problem, and we can work through it. I think it is nice to have a challenge completely done so we can compare code if something goes wrong and we can’t figure it out.


I chose the 1st challenge…adding the 3rd pump. I struggled with the colors, because it seems like certain colors wouldn’t “delete” the water. In any case, I don’t need any help at this time.