Interactive Notebooks for AP CSP


Sure! It should look a bit like the “physical internet” from unit 1. You need to do a bit of creative copying, but then it should be good to go.

I did update the document so it is a little more complete.


Thanks for sharing! I’m thinking of using a 3 ring binder w/notebook paper so they can journal as well as put handouts in it. I really thought I was going to have a paperless classroom but this will provide opportunities for kids with different learning styles to have something they can hang onto. Sometimes just seeing/doing things on the screen doesn’t seem concrete enough for kids.


Interesting! I like the idea of being able to incorporate handouts but I also get nervous about how well paper STAYS in a binder - with spiral notebooks I have noticed that the paper tears out with the weight of other things glued to it for some reason… that’s why I ask my students to get composition notebooks. The down side is I am always printing things at 70% and then students need to cut things out - it logistically is a lot messier. Let us know if the binder works! I hope it does!


I love the INB idea – I started with yours and have added my own along the way. I tend to make handouts on 1/2 pages and print two to a page and it fits nicely.
I am following the curriculum and really like the INB to help organize both me and the students!
Feel free to see/use my work in progress – I hope to add a document for each unit explaining the whole process.

INB Handouts
INB Example Pages


Thanks for sharing this @gmoserc! I really like the color pages you used!


Thank you for this idea! It looks amazing, and I look forward to implementing a version of it in my courses for next year.


Thanks so much for sharing!!! I do an Interactive Notebook in my classes also (we called it our “Abstraction Notebook”) and I will definitely steal many of the handouts and half-page notes/info you posted!
As usual, you are amazing Katie!


:blush: Thanks! My goal is to add to it for unit 5 this summer! Do you do anything in your “Abstraction Notebooks” for that unit?

Hope all is well!


Hi everyone,

I made these QUICKLY over the last few days. It is a mini-chapter on the reference language in preparation for the AP test. It isn’t quite as clean or put-together as the other materials, but since the test will be upon us soon, I thought I would post it now!

Hope it helps!


Goodness… for “quickly”, you get a LOT done! :astonished: Thanks for the comprehensive and targeted review/practice!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I struggled with note-taking, as well. I will be using your ideas.!


Hi, thanks for sharing this! I also have struggled with students’ taking notes this year. Can’t wait to use this resource.


Thank you for sharing @kaitie_o_bryan. I found a website with a number of interactive notebook foldable templates for free - I’d love to see how you’d all use them in CSP


I love this idea. I’m going to try it. Fingers Crossed!


There are some interesting ones in here! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks @kaitie_o_bryan! I am planning to use an INB this year and all of this is extremely helpful!


HI Katie,
These examples are terrific. If you have a chance adding those other chapters would be beyond helpful. I will upload some pictures of my students notebooks. Thanks!!


@theresacook here is unit 2: Interactive Notebooks for AP CSP

I am still finalizing unit 5.





This… is… AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing! :clap::clap::clap: