Interactive Notebooks for AP CSP

Hi Kaitie! I have been doing the INB with my students using the resources you shared! Both my students and I are loving it and I wanted to THANK YOU! My students just finished Units 1-3.

This is my first year teaching AP CSP and I wanted your input on whether you think it would be a good idea if my students should move on to Unit 5 (Building Apps) --> work on their CREATE PT then return to Unit 4 (Big Data and Privacy) --> work on their EXPLORE PT. Should be move forward faster since we are now finishing Unit 3?

Also, I am looking ahead to Unit 5. Would you happen to have handouts for their INB? Thank you again for your help and resources!!

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Hi Catherine! Thank you for sharing your resources! For unit 3, you have an image titled “High-Low Level Programming” on page 18. I am curious to know what information is inside the foldable. I tried searching in your Handout and Example Pages, but couldn’t find it. Do you know how I can get access? Thank you in advance!

Here are two images that might help. Outside and then inside.

U3L02 High Level-Low Level Programming.jpg

U3L02 Algorithms.jpg

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Not Kaitie, but you could do 5, Create, 4, Explore.

Based on my experience last year, I wouldn’t. I felt like it was good to switch up what the students were working on, so they didn’t get to tired of doing one thing. I also feel like it would be easy to spend “too long” working on unit 5/create (some students were especially focused on putting in all the features and making it perfect). This seemed to be less of an issue with unit 4/explore.

Thank you for your sharing your past experience! I will begin Unit 4 then 5 in order. Would you say the pace is about right? Or should I go faster with the lessons?

Hi All - I’ve been using Katie’s notebook for my class this year. We are in the middle of the explore PT so I’ve been working on Unit 5. Here is the link to screen shots of my pages and here is link to the pages/examples. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for sharing @ktpanderson! I acutally used your notes to talk about booleans today in my class!

This is my 4th time through the curriculum, so I am feeling better about taking on some more of the “instruction” during the coding lessons. The videos are great, but I know not every student watches them individually, and I struggled with showing them in class authentically. SO… today we did a brief warm up to get them thinking about it and then formalized the discussion in our notebooks via notes similar to yours. I set them free on U5L8 from there and told them to skip the videos and readings unless they found themselves still confused. My students were able to finish almost the whole lesson within the class period which was awesome because I wanted to sneak in a little extra project in this unit.

Thanks for sharing your resources!!! From one KT, to another, I really appreciate it!

KT’s unite!

Hi Katie,
I was not able to access the Unit 5 files from KT. Did you create files for Unit 5 that you are willing to share? Thanks!

Thank you so much for sharing. It is a wonderful idea.