Is it possible to search the course?



I was wondering if it was possible to search the course.

For example if a student is looking for a specific Key Word that they know they have read about in the course, but can not find which lesson it is in, is it possible for them or the teacher to search the CSP course to find out which lesson that Key Word/Concept was introduced in?

This is just a theoretical question in preparation for teaching the course next academic year.




@glenn.crane unfortunately that feature doesn’t currently exist. I’ve recorded your request so that we can track it. Note that you can at least see vocabulary lists on a unit by unit basis from the unit home pages. For example CSP Unit 1 Vocabulary.


Thank you for the reply and the advice.

I think it would be really beneficial for students so they could go back over a lesson that contains a particular concept that they may be struggling with.


Hi @glenn.crane. Though there is no search feature built into, you may find the ‘site’ search feature from Google quite helpful.

type your search as terms you are looking for

You will be seeing everything from every course, so the more precise your search is, the better this might work.

How to

Good luck!