Performance Task CodePrint tool not working

Each curriculum for the last several years has recommended the CodePrint tool to prettify code before submission. The link provided in the PT Survival Guide is :

I paste awfully formatted code written in Javascript such as the following and hit the “Prettify” button and nothing happens. It prints the code with line numbers but no “prettifying” It has worked in the past, but no longer does it for me now.
var difficulty = 15;
var correctSquare;
var p1Score = 0;
var p2Score = 0;
var currentPlayer = 1;

function updateScore(scoreChange)
if(currentPlayer == 1){
p1Score += scoreChange;
setText(“score1”, p1Score);}
else {
p2Score += scoreChange;
setText(“score2”, p2Score);
} }

I can paste this into VS Code and click reformat document and VS Code does a great job reformatting the code to industry-style standards, but I have not taught students to use VS Code this year.

Does anyone else seem to have issues with the CodePrint tool? It is still recommended to use it before students submit their code to the College Board?

It did not work for me too. You could report this issue to But, I’m not sure if will do anything about it since it is not a tool.

I am not having my students use this tool any longer since the create PT no longer requires rectangles or ovals in their code as it did in the past.