Problems grading?

I have a student that has completed unit #2, but the system doesn’t show his progress. How can I over-ride the system to correct his progress?

@joanderson ,

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This can happen if they aren’t signed in or if they are accessing a different version of the course. Make sure you look at the URL and see if they are using the current version of the course. Last year’s version may be there and their progress may be recorded there.

As far as overriding the activities, I don’t think that’s possible. when something like this happens to me, I just have them proceed to the next activity and I keep track of their progress in my gradebook rather than using’s gradebook…

The other option would be to have them hit the “next” button on each level to turn each level green … but that’s just a visual indicator anyway …

Hope this helps, but if I’m not making sense, please let me know and I’ll try to explain a different way.

Good luck!