U1 Day 5-7: PD Discussion Topic


In the 2nd activity of the unit, web sites that advertise for ALienware gaming computers and Chrome netbook computers are suggested resources.After looking at the King site, I will revisit those sites plus add another 2 sites, Phillips’ site for their Hue led lighting system and CNET’s review of the system, and ask the students to check for bias in the presentations. Hopefully the cool new led technology and the chance to do a gotcha on the product sites will help to maintain interest. The Hue system will also play nicely in day 1’s activity and act as a segue into Web 2.0 and 3.0.


For my lesson days, I believe I will have the students discuss their ideas of what web 3.0 may look like in the future. Also, the scavenger hunt needs to be tailored to our very small rural community. For students with Facebook, I plan on having them check their feed settings to see if they need to follow or unfollow anyome, and keep notes on what they found and if they changed anything.


I plan on having my students watch the TED talk video and discuss the ‘bubble filter’.


Our students have always been in their own filter bubble and have no clue of what life was like outside of that. I would have them seek out knowledge that might not directly appear on websites tailored to them.


I plan to do the scavenger hunt, but will modify some of the search items. I really like both videos, so we will have group discussion around the videos. I will also have the students perform a search for a specific topic and analysis the results. I will then ask the students to perform a search with family and to review the results.


This is a great idea. I think I will use this. Thank you.


I think it would be neat to have students log on to their social media accounts and compare and contrast the posts, ads, and news they see. They hold a discussion about whether they like the choices that have been made for them or if they would like more generic results.


I like the videos that were given to us here. To be sure they pay attention to the video I would be sure to let them know there will be a reflection afterward (think-pair-share style). I also like the idea of doing the scavenger hunt and looking for topics beyond what they’re used to searching for online.


I want to use the TED video on filter bubbles to help reinforce the idea that websites will automatically filter certain material out of view and make an experience that is “tailored” to them. Then I want to use the scavenger hunt for them to see it in action. I think the key to keeping the students engaged is to have them share their ideas or to try out the searched for themselves. Since my students will have computers, I want them to search a topic and see what results pop up for them.


My class will start out with the same identical search string such as the one in the video: Egypt. Each student will observe their findings and share with their elbow partner the differences in their findings. Then we will proceed with learning and discussing Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, using the videos in the lesson.


I do plan to use additional resources. The videos will be a first choice so that students will get insight on where things evolved from and the options available when using them. I will also search for ways that will tie the lesson into real world activities to keep them engaged.


I think having a discussion related to the “filter bubble” and the consequences of a somewhat limited world view will keep students engaged throughout the lesson. I will have students come up with their own criteria for evaluating a website or app’s effectiveness.


I plan on students doing a search in groups for Mexico and see what the results are and how they compare. I plan to ask deeper level Questions about control and the affect of filters to keep them engaged. There will be writing prompts throughout.


I really want to bring up the impact of these new web technologies on our student’s lives. Especially how hyperpersonalization of their webspace can reinforce certain worldviews and attitudes.


I think that the video was very enlightening. I also now understand the post Facebook sent about selecting your users.For this lesson I plan on making sure, that I and the students understand the goals of the day 5-7 lesson. I want them totally understand all concepts introduced in the lesson. I will adjust and bring in other resources as needed to make sure this happens.


I would like to have students work in teams to search the web and create their own 5-10 point presentation on search techniques.


I plan to engage students by having them visit the Space Jam website which is still active from 1996. I will then have them compare the website to a current movie or one that is coming out this year. I will have them look for differences and similarities and then make the connection between 1.0-3.0 and understand the progression.


I am planning on having student do the scavenger hunt and classify the websites where they found the info as web 1.0 2.0 or 3.0 and adding the reason for it. We will be watching the bubble video to promote class discussion and as a group come with at least 2 predictions about how would the web be in the next 5 years.


For the scavenger hunt, I plan to assign certain groups (up to six groups in my class), have them peruse the sites and give them an opportunity to share whether or not the website had credibility and share what makes the sites credible or not.


I plan on incorporating different items in the scavenger hunt that are relevant to my students