Video to introduce the Lesson 9: Project

I showed this video (commercial) to my students to get them thinking about problem solving. Although Molly invents things, it does give students ideas about simple problems that can be solved with computers. When she grows up, that is what she does. My students loved it.

[Meet Molly] (


Great idea. I’ll be using it myself!
I’m also thinking of showing some SharkTank Videos to help with this project and I’d like my kids to present their projects SharkTank style with some fun and pizzazz.



Awesome, thank you for the resource!

I showed a video before we presented the projects - Shark Tank but it was an episode with young people. Here is the link to the video.


I have taught with Shark Tank before too, but I looked for a video that was about kids inventing apps. Try out this Ted Talk as a way to spark some creativity.


So nice. Also promotes female engineers/inventors/scientists.

Here’s a new working link to the Meet Molly ad.

meeet molly

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