Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Mi nombre es Luz Lagos Valenzuela, soy Chilena, profesora de educación diferencial, en una escuela de la comuna de Yerbas Buenas, me intereso ser parte de esta comunidad primero para formarme y luego para disminuir la brecha de mis estudiantes con respecto a tecnología.

Hello! My name is Esther Tom. I teach 1st grade at Hilltop Elementary in Lynnwood, WA. I’ve taught Code.org to my 1st graders for a few years now and am interested in joining this community (and doing the Code.org professional online development) so that I can improve my teaching practice. I want to teach coding with fidelity and feel confident when I assist students who struggle with coding.

My name is Erin Graham, I am a first year ParaEducator in Mountlake Terrace, WA. I am also a parent of a second grader at the same school.
I am interested in learning more about CS because it is the future and our students should be learning the skills that will help them succeed in life.
My child learned coding last year in first grade and it was incredible to see her be able to do/learn it and the things she could create.
I am excited to assist school staff and students with the skills I’ll have after this course.

Hi Everybody,
My name is Amy Thompson and I am a third grade teacher in the Edmonds area which is a suburb just outside of Seattle. I teach third grade and love what I do. I laugh with my students every day and that brings me a certain joy I don’t find anywhere else.
An interesting fact about me is that buttery popcorn is my favorite snack and I eat it using chopsticks. I do this so I don’t get greasy fingers and it helps moderate the speed at which I eat.
Here’s to an amazing 2022, my fellow educators and programmers

Hi. I am Eryn Duffee. I am a school librarian in Edmonds, Washington. My school is k-12 and our students are homeschoolers. This gives me a unique opportunity to teach classes based on student need and family interests. I want to be able to give my students more tech-based skills because much of their home based learning is very analog.

Good Morning,
I am Michael White teaching from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. We have recently been put back into a Lockdown and are entering another section of vitural learning. I thought it would be a great time to start to focus on coding as all students will have access to a computer. Happy New Year everyone!

Hi my name is Hillary Hubacker Washington state. I teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing 7th and 8th graders. I’m excited to learn more about coding and computer science so I can pass the skills on to my students. Computer science is something that can and should be open to anyone who’s interested regardless of disability, (or gender, race, etc).

Hello Faith. My name is Ruth and I am also a homeschool mom and I’m trying to introduce coding to my children using code.org We are also part of a homeschool coop and I’m looking to teach coding… I was wondering if I can get some ideas from you on how you’ve taught your students coding using code.org

Thank you!

Hello, I am Caroline Gaskill from Washington State. I am an elementary instructional technology coach and am joining this discussion as part of a STEM course.