Welcome to CS Principles: Introduce Yourself!

Hi - I’m Sharon. I’ll be teaching 2 sections of AP CSP to 10th-12th graders. I’ve taught programming before, but this is my first time teaching an AP course. I also teach an Intro to Engineering course and coach robotics.

Dan Lipson here, at South River High in MD. Looking forward to using Code.org to help me teach CSP this year!

My name is Rene Crombez. I teach high school math. I’m excited that the school allowed me to offer this class. I don’t have many students registered right now, only one female student. any ideas how to promote the class?

Shirron Jeffries
Grades 10-12
Excited about learning it along with my students.

This is how I approach it. First, promotion is a year long process. If you are doing it a week before, you are doing it wrong. Next, look how your class is framed toward the people who signs the kids up, I have pitched AP CSP as “Your first AP class” in High School, which has been working well. I talk with the 8th grade algebra / stem / science classes right before registration and get a good mix of students just from that. During the year I am constantly talking to kids about CS. If I missed them as a freshman, I reframe my pitch this class as an easy way to get out of an elective in college. Most schools have a CS elective component now, so you don’t have to be a CS major anymore, save yourself some money and come listen to my bad jokes! I do the posters and stuff, but on my evals under why did you take this class it is usually in this order: Try an AP for GPA, CS Major, talked with me, friend/sibling in class, heard class was fun. For women recruitment, I highly recommend a Girls Who Code club, it is free and nominate them for a NCWIT.

Chad Feiock
Grades 9-12
I am excited about learning and teaching about cyber security.

My name is Reid Fornstrom, and I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s in education at the University of Oklahoma. I am excited to learn more about computer science and the best ways to teach it!

Hi my name is Clark Hardy I will be teacher 9-12 grade CP Principles next year. I am excited that there are so many resources Code.org. Thank you for this amazing site.

Hello, my name is Stephen.
I will be teaching grades 9-12.
I am most excited to learn how to teach CSP.

good , I’m most excited about learning it more along with my students!

I have taught CS principles for the last three years. I enjoy completing the lessons along with the students. I teach 9-12.

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Hi my name is Sandy. I teach 5th Grade. I like how CS principles is a step by step guide.

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Hi Everyone, my name is Ramy, I’ve been teaching from 3-12 for the past decade. I’ve also been teaching CSP since 2018 and CSA since last year. I am excited to learn with my students. Their creativity and persistence always has me on my toes. I’d say I have learned more from my students than I have throughout my formal education.
Looking forward to interacting with all of you!

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What is your name?
Ron Stephenson
What grade level(s) do you teach?
11th & 12th
What in CS Principles are you most excited about?
I am super excited about teaching three different programming languages (python, java, and js) simultaneously throughout the year!

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