Welcome to CS Principles: Introduce Yourself!

My name is Li Wang and this semester I am assigned with Computer Science Principle course to teach. This is grade 11 level open course, I come across the course on code.org.
I have the following questions:
the course has 10 units and it suggest we teach them in two semesters. My school is semestered school, it means that every day I see my students to teach a 75 minutes lesson, can I finish all the 10 units within one semester?

Hello, this is Mark, in Toronto. This will be my first semester using Code.org. I was hoping to use different courses for each of grades 10, 11 and 12, but I’m not certain yet if there’s a suitable one for each and if they will work in sequence. I taught English for 15 years, but I’ve been a programmer much longer than that, so I’m happy to be an almost-full-time CS teacher for the last years of my career.

Hi, I’m Carri and I am teaching 9-12 AP CSP for the first time!
Learning right along with the students.

My name is Jamie Barkley. I am a High school business education teacher. I teach a section of Exploring Computer Science to seniors. I love the constant encouragement to innovate, try, explore associated with computer science.

Hello my name is Lesley. Completely new to all of this but excited to learn.

I’m Emma. I teach K-5th and I am most excited about having fun with my students.

Good morning from North Carolina! I’m Amanda, but my best friends call me Frenchy. I’m currently the Virtual Teaching Assistant at my high school and next year I’m planning to teach some level of Computer Science. I’m really excited to become part of Code.org because so much of my past experiences felt that teaching had become so test driven and top down managed. I love the creativity and personalized learning this program allows.

I am Helen, I am excited to teach computer science.

Hi everyone! My name is Greta Arrington and I am a NEWBIE. I hope to teach a full year course of CS Principels to 10-12th grade students this coming year, 2023-24. I’m nervous but excited to learn along with my kiddos.

Welcome Greta! I’m sure you will enjoy it along with your kids!

I’m Michael. I work with grades K-8.
I’m looking forward to learning how to better assess and grade on Code.org

Hello. I’m Hoang. I am a developer and father. I try to learn to teach my daughter and come here. I think i will learn to teach more student than i planned. Hope to get help from you guy

Hola a todos me llamo César Estrada y soy docente de tecnología e informática en una institución de Chaparral Tolima Colombia, oriento el área a estudiantes de 6 a 11, en total son mas o menos 800 estudiantes. Espero poder sacarle mucho provecho al igual que mis estudiantes, a esta fantastica plataforma y comunidad.

I’m Beverly! I teach high school and am adding CS to my courses next school year ('23-24). I am brand new to CS and am looking forward to using code.org to help implement the new CS requirement for our high school students.

Hello! I am Karen Urbano and I have 15 years of teaching experience as an elementary math and science teacher. I am so thrilled for next school year for it will be my first year to teach computer science K-5. I am looking forward for all the rich lesson plans and activities Code Org has for teachers and students. I am looking forward for all the support from Code.org and its community.

Hello! My name is Erin Baker. I am a high school (9-12) computer science teacher. I will be teaching CS Principles for the first time this year and I am excited about learning something new and having an upper level course.

HI! I am ER Schneider. I have been teaching math for the past 15 years and due to a teacher shortage, I have been tasked to also teach AP CSP for the 23/24 school year (in addition to AP Calc, Honors Geometry, Geometry, and Essentials of Geoemtry).
I commend all of you that are excited to learn along with your kids. There is no excitement here; I have never been this nervous, nor this unprepared to teach something ever. I have no previous knowledge of coding/computer programing; to be honest, I cheated my way through the 1 required semester of computer programing freshmen year of college in the fall of 1997 as an bioengineering major. Don’t judge.
I could use all the tips, resources and suggestions for teaching this course on a 4-day week 4x4 quarter block schedule. Due to the quick pace of the 4x4 block, my preference would be to teach this as a flipped classroom; extra points for resources to support this.

Hello, I’m Kayla. I will be teaching middle school. I’m excited to learn coding along with my students.

Hello all! My name is Reed and I teach 6-12th graders. I am the most excited about helping my future students learn more about coding!

Hello! My name is Kelly. I will be teaching 10-12th graders. I am excited about teaching high school and Computer Science.