Multiple Class Sessions Teacher Progress Linked Somehow

When I do work in one section it is displaying in my other sections as well. Why is this happening? I don’t want to have to reset a section each time I work on it with the students so it will then be “fresh” for me to show the next group.

Hi @lloydll,

Welcome to the forum! I want to make sure I understand your question: It sounds like you are demonstrating activities (the individual bubbles) for the students in each of your sections. When you do this in one section, “period 1” for example, the work is showing as completed in the other sections (period 2 and period 3). Is this a correct summary?

The bubbles are marked because you are completing the lessons under one user - your teacher account. Your teacher account isn’t connected separately to each class so if you complete a bubble for one class, it will show as complete for the other classes. In thinking about why this is,’s pedagogical approach is that students discover the answers independently through discovery and inquiry. The teacher’s role is to facilitate that discovery and learn along side the student. With that said, I know that sometimes there are levels and concepts where kids just get stuck and have a really difficult time figuring them out. Here are some tips I have used for those levels:

  • Have students use think-pair-share to discover solutions to more difficult concepts (like lists in HTML or the variables or counter patterns in Unit 3). If you are teaching in a modified environment like hybrid or online, I LOVE the suggestions and templates for think-pair-share in this document.
  • When I taught online this past Friday, student had been having difficulty figuring out how to make a button open a screen in App Lab (we started with Unit 4 this year). So, I created a simple activity and clicked the SHARE button and shared the link with the students. They each had to hit VIEW CODE and REMIX to be able to edit the app. I gave everyone 2 minutes to try on their own. Students were encouraged to share strategies in the Google Meet for connecting the first button to the proper screen. I then demonstrated one button after most had tried. I then asked them to do the second button on their own. I have done this a few times. The SHARE link allows all students to work on a fresh copy of the activity. Same for you as well. If you click REMIX on that shared activity, it is a fresh copy every time. You don’t have to reset.

I am sure there are many other strategies and would love for others to share their ideas.

Also, I may not have correctly understood your question so please reply if that is the case.


And when I dug deeper, it may be a feature in the works. I’ll see if I can found out the status.

Yes, what you described was correct. When I have taught the lessons for Unit 3 in person it was easier to do an overview of the bubbles and then have them complete them independently, do pair programming, or with students having their shoulder partner to ask questions to before asking me.

Since we are doing distance learning currently I wanted to provide more support with us completing some of the bubbles together (skill building) before they work on the remaining ones independently (practice, assessment, challenges).

I appreciate the tips and suggestions you have provided. Unfortunately, my course was reduced from a semester long to a quarter long (9 weeks) so we are already on such a tight schedule that I cannot teach the content in the way that I typically would.