Reset Prediction Levels?


I have been going through the levels to practice before going through the lessons with the students.

The Version History and Delete Progress to the Initial Version has been great.

Except on this activity because it will not delete the phrase I entered in to the text box. Needless to say all the students correctly surmised that the circle would draw in the upper right corner.

I even clicked on “Clear Response.”


I had the same issue. I think they don’t want the students to be able to delete their predictions because that would defeat the purpose of it being a prediction if they changed it after watching it.


Teachers should be able to reset theirs. Otherwise I can’t verify what will happen without checking it out first. If I do check it out first then the answer is right in front of the students as I am instructing them through the activities.


Hey @bpenney just wanted to make sure you know I’ve recorded your feedback with our product team. No promises on when we’ll get this taken care of, but I wanted you to know we’re listening!



Was this issue ever resolved? I am getting ready to start a new semester.


I have escalated this up to the team. I checked it out tonight and I was unable to reset the prediction levels.


Hey @kmoore I wanted you to know that we’ve once again recorded this need. We did some work on prediction levels over the last year but this specific feature didn’t make the cut so we’ll be looking to see how we can include it in future work.

Sorry not to have better news but thanks for reaching out.