Students Trying To Create TEACHER Accounts

Hey @brook and the TEAM

I have heard some student rumblings of “testing” the approval process of getting an approved account with teacher access.

I trust you are well aware of small percent of young adolescent minds who find this hack to be lots of fun.

Thanks for getting the ship tight.

Students doing the right thing when no one is looking is something we are working on.

I appreciate it.


Overall, we are loving the course.



Although not nearly as important as keeping our exams secure, I’ve found that some students in my CSP sections are looking at the teacher lesson plans at the start of class. I’m guessing more students are doing this than I realize…and why wouldn’t they be curious? I would if I were the student.

As you know, all of our lessons are publicly available, like this one:

Of course, we CSP teachers are not always going to follow the script (although that was recommended in training), but if we wanted to, even if only in part, students would be fully aware of what we might say or do well before it happens, which could compromise any number of “discovery opportunities” they might have otherwise been afforded. After all, the “Teaching Guide” shows all the prompts we’re supposed to provide, questions we’re supposed to ask, and the “Teacher Tips” that are designed to help us better strategize student learning.

I feel that this kind of undermines not only the lesson setup, but the instructional methodology as a whole. Now that this is becoming a “go to” for a number of my students, I’m going to have to work much harder (than I already do) to “mix things up” – there needs to be far less predictability…the element of surprise can be an essential part of the students’ learning process.

Anyhow, I’ve suggested to the team that teachers register to access these materials as well, but they haven’t yet responded. In the meanwhile, it might be something to keep in mind.

I think an older brother of a student created a teacher account. Who do I send the information to check on this?

Can you send the name with which the account was opened? I’ll let the team know.

This is the information I got back:

“Anyone can make a teacher account but not everyone should be able to get a verified teacher account. What’s the difference? A normal teacher account can see the lesson plan links in the code studio pages. A verified teacher account can see the locked down teacher only blue boxes with answer keys. If they only have a normal teacher account there is not much that can be done.”

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Nice info but can these unverified teacher accounts also see the ASSESSMENTS and answers?

Hey there,

If you do not have a verified teacher account then you cannot see the assessments or the answers. In other words there’s very little to gain from creating a non-verified teacher account except more convenient access to lesson plans that are already publicly available at

Hope that helps!

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Thanks GT.

Update: The year has been going very well in my 3 sections of AP CSP

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That’s great to hear. Good luck this semester and keep letting us know when you have questions.

Yes but lesson plans have the answer sheets for all the activities.

Hi @carmichaelc,

Can you point to an instance where the lesson plan has the answer sheet? That could be a concern.

From what I understand, all references to answers are links to the lesson and at that point only verified teacher accounts would see the blue boxes with the answers. For example: Several answer keys on the right-side menu, but they’re all links to the lesson - not direct links to answer keys.


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Thanks Frank for the response. I actually figured this out and should have posted here - solved.


great :heart_eyes:
i love Hour of Code

So I have a student in my principles course, he is bragging about his teacher account. I completely believe his is unverified, was this an issue in your class, did he find the answers? I am wondering what I should worry about and what I shouldn’t. Good for him thinking out of the box but bad for me if he can really attain the answers.

Answers to a lot of the activities are posted on the internet. I don’t give too much weightage in terms of grades to the check your understanding questions. Hopefully, that deters the cheating!

Hi @creplogle,

I would worry about him enrolling other students into his section and checking on their progress. :open_mouth:

But really, that’s about all he can do with an unverified account. An unverified teacher account has no more access to solutions than a student account.


Thank you, maybe I will assign some off assignments.